Small Garden Design Inspiration in Front of the House

Friday, July 9th, 2021 - Home Exterior Design, Tips and Tricks

Are you planning to make a small garden in front of the house? The presence of a garden in a house is considered to be soothing to the eyes and can enhance the appearance of the house itself. Apart from the beauty function, the presence of a small garden in front of the house is also useful as a water catchment area so that it can reduce the risk of flooding when the rainy season comes.

But often we feel confused about how to apply the small garden model in front of the house, especially when we live in a simple type of house with not much land left. For that, here we will discuss some ideas and designs of a small garden in front of the house so that it can still look outstanding with limited land.

Japanese Small Home Garden

With Japanese grass, white pebbles, small shrubs and bonsai trees, you can create a small garden in the country of the rising sun in front of your house. If possible, also put a pond and mini waterfall in the garden. If the land is not possible, Japanese-style lanterns can also be a solution. The use of lanterns can also be used for lighting in the small garden itself, so it will look more beautiful at night.

Roses Home Garden

Roses are indeed one type of flowers that is beautiful to look at. The color is attractive coupled with the fragrant smell, it’s no wonder so many people, especially womens like it. This can be used as a small garden design idea in front of your house, which is planting lots of rose trees. So, when the flowers bloom, your home garden will be filled with roses which are certainly very nice to look at.

Mexican Style Home Garden

Mexican Style Mini Home Garden Ideas

Do you want to have a small garden in front of your house with a little effort but the results are still extraordinary? Just try making a Mexican style garden! With only cacti and fan palm trees, you can create this South American country style garden. However, what needs to be considered is how to care for a small garden in front of a Mexican Style house is a bit complicated and needs special attention because cactus plants are susceptible to large amounts of water, so when the rainy season comes the cactus is easily damaged.

Tropical Style Garden

Indonesia is one of the tropical countries in the world. Therefore, it’s no wonder that a small garden in front of a house with a tropical touch is common here. The way to organize this garden is also relatively easy compared to other gardens because the plants used are plants that live and are in accordance with Indonesian climatic and weather conditions such as banana-banana trees, women’s palm trees, and fern grass.

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