Revamping Home Interior Design on the Cheap

Tuesday, May 18th, 2021 - Interior Design, Tips and Tricks

Ikea Furniture for Modern Minimalist Home Interior Decoration

Improvement has long been a challenge for every homeowner out there to tackle. By improving the look of your home, you can indeed get a new take on the look and feel refreshed at once. However, it’s rather tricky; when it comes to improving the look of the inside of your house, you are faced with seemingly limitless options to consider. You might simply need to rearrange the furniture. It might only take as little as adding an area rug to add texture. In other cases, however, bringing down an entire wall might be required—which then leads to a full-on renovation instead of a simple act of adding some new touch. It is this very unpredictable nature of home improvement that makes it a literal challenge for every homeowner to handle.

The Complexity of Interior Design

Modern Living Room Design with Sofa Set and Rug

Here’s the thing, the interior of your home is a very delicate entity. It is different from the exterior, which is built to withstand anything thrown at it. As such, the outside part of your house can still look the same for years to come, even decades—so long as you’ve done great maintenance. But you will have to spend most of your time inside the house so it only makes sense that you should do something every now and then to improve its look so that boredom can be kept at bay. It really is complicated; you wouldn’t want to come into an area within the house that only gives off the feeling of stagnancy following a tiresome day at work. Redecorating interior design has a lot of things to do with psychological side of your own wellbeing. But that’s not where it ends—not even remotely.

See, redecoration is a thing easier imagined and said than done. You’re lucky if your living room can be easily transformed into a new scene with only a simple rearrangement of furniture pieces or an addition of new features like, say, a rug or a wall artwork. What if what it takes for the room to get the facelift it urgently requires is a new tiling for the floor or a reshaping altogether? Suppose you can say, “Oh, what this room requires is a new framed painting to give it a new vibe or a fancy sculpture to make it groovier.” Have you given a thought about just how much money you need to set aside for those things while in fact the exact amount of money can be used for other purposes?

Challenges for Homeowners

White Living Room Decoration Ideas with Furniture Set

Stricken by the realization that you don’t have enough cash to afford improvement, you risk yourself condemning this specific inability. You would then get stuck in this feeling of inadequacy that will eventually consume you inside out. And in times like this, there is no better way than learning how to accomplish everything on a budget. That means you gotta work with what you’ve got. And to be honest, this is something plausible and completely doable. Sure, it takes more efforts, time, and energy but hey, there is no easy way to go this route unless you are blessed with a bottomless bank account.

So, what to do? First and foremost, forget about what you see on TV or in magazines. What you see on the media is a decorator doing it all on the more expensive side of things. They tend to go for the most exclusive items or techniques at the highest range of price. And we haven’t even talked about how much you will spend for hiring contractors. This bears nothing resembling low-budget home improvement. If you saw something from the makeover show on TV and you wish to emulate the style, you need to go for it from a different angle. The rules are as follows:

  1. You need to keep as many things as possible,
  2. You need to figure it out how to breathe a new life to your old stuff,
  3. You need to work with what you already have or resort to secondhand items if you must buy something, and
  4. You need to do it all on your own instead of hiring a pro.

Following those simple rules would make it a lot easier for you to see what’s important and what needs to be excluded altogether.

Things You Can Do

Natural and Simple Modern Interior Design with Wooden Furnitures
  1. Making it a DIY project

Interior redecorating and remodeling are the kind of job that will be much more affordable when you take it onto your own hands instead of relying on a pro. Some of the things that you can do yourself include:

  1. Installation of either vinyl or linoleum flooring,
  2. Installation of hardwood flooring,
  3. Installation of kitchen backsplash,
  4. Interior painting, and
  5. Adding a deck.

Affordability aside, completing a DIY project means you get to gloat. You get to invite your friends and show off, claiming how you manage to install the flooring with your own two bare hands and not a dime spent on hiring others. Even when you don’t have anyone else to tell just how proud you are of your own creation, looking at the finished project alone should be enough to instill satisfaction in your heart.

Furniture rearrangement for modern interior decoration ideas

Sometimes, merely rearranging your furniture would do the trick—and the result might be dramatic enough without you having to do much. Let’s put this into perspective. Suppose there is this couch whose back is the first thing your eyes see every time you enter the living room. You can just move it to the opposite wall and there are benefits from doing so. It opens up the space so traffic will improve. A new focal point for the living room is created and you get to make the area look more inviting than before. All can be achieved at the same time and costs you nothing at all.

At other times, however, the problem isn’t how you position the furniture or that you don’t have enough pieces for the area. It’s that you already have too much in there. Consider taking out some of the pieces and move the unwanted item to a different place. If the other room is already cramped up with furniture as well, you might want to give the unwanted piece away to someone else.

Furniture and accessories repurposing for modern interior decor with wall art
  • Furniture and accessories repurposing

Repurposing is a step you can take if you can’t find a piece you deem perfect for a room. A desk can be made out of a table and a TV stand can be created using a nightstand. Furniture repurposing often entails changing its look. For example, a wooden table can be repainted before you convert it into a desk. Another way to approach this method is by taking apart a furniture piece and using the smaller parts in a different way. Other examples of furniture repurposing include:

  1. Dresser drawers turned into a bookcase,
  2. A dresser made into shelving,
  3. A bookcase turned into a bar, and
  4. A dresser made into a sink vanity.
  5. Turning to secondhand items
Furniture and accessories repurposing for multi color interior decor

Buying furniture can only be done after you make sure that you have tried rearranging your furniture and that you have tried repurposing things to no avail. Even then, you should resort to secondhand items only in order to keep your expenses in check. Thrift stores are your best friend in this case. They don’t only sell clothes; thrift stores are actually great sources to discover furnishings and accessories—all at a price range that doesn’t strangle you.

Ads listing services such as Craiglist will also come in handy as there are always those who no longer want their furniture pieces and wish to make some money out of them.

Wall Painting decor for Modern Interior Design Ideas

Changing the color of a room is one of the cheapest options to refresh it and it involves paint. A dull wall can be refreshed while another wall can look completely new just by you swapping their color. When it comes to painting a room, there are more ways to go aside from just the conventional:

  1. Stripes

Tape off parts of a wall and paint the untapped section of it. You can go at it either horizontally or vertically.

  • Ombre

This one is for the boldest among you. Combine paint colors and paint the wall from light to dark across the wall’s length. This should be done in several successions (depending on the number of paint colors you use) and you should wait for a wall section to dry first before moving on.

  • Stenciling

Stencils can be used when you are dealing with paint motifs that are more complex in their pattern. You can either buy them or make some yourself.

  • Color-washing

This method involves using a translucent glaze, tinted or clear.

  • Sponging

Use a sponge to dab a different shade onto a wall already painted with a solid color.

  • Sponging Off

Sponging Off is a method similar to the previous one except you use the sponge to remove some of the paint while it’s wet.

  • Ragging

Ragging and sponging is pretty similar as well but with ragging you use a crumpled rag instead of a sponge.

  • Rag-rolling

Instead of crumpling the rag, you would need to twist the rag into a cylinder before rolling it across the wall.

  1. Dragging

Apply a coat of paint and finish with a coat of glaze in long, narrow stripes.

  • Making use of paper

Wallpapers can be used if you think that the style you wish the wall to display is just too complex to make using paint. Wallpaper is also easier to maintain and clean with a durable surface but it is still more expensive that paint. The time it takes to cover a wall with wallpaper is also longer than painting it. With this in mind, it would be a costly project to cover the entire walls with just wallpaper. You can tweak it by:

  1. Using wallpaper on specific areas or spots. You can paint the majority of the wall and resort to wallpaper to cover cramped spaces instead.
  2. Using wallpaper as a backsplash. Tiled backsplash is quite expensive. Vinyl wallpaper can be used in place of tiles and it can still work out the best possible way.
  3. Using wallpaper as a headboard. A bedroom’s focal point typically lies on the headboard of the bed. You can do without one by resorting to wallpaper hanging behind the bed.
  4. Using wallpaper on furniture. This rather unconventional use of wallpaper can still deliver a big impact.
  5. Making use of fabric

While paint can change a room’s look through its color, fabric can also improve the scene. This can be achieved by changing bedding, getting new pillows, using new slipcovers, changing chair cushions, replacing shower curtain, adding new curtains on windows, and placing a rug.

  • Adding woodwork to the scene

Adding eye-catching woodwork can readily improve the interior as they imbue a room with texture and add visual interest to the room as well. Modern homes lack this specific detail so it would be a nice touch to add.

  • Giving emphasis on details

In many cases, emphasis on details—even the smallest ones—can already help you improve the look of your rooms. Replace old cabinet knobs with something new and see how it changes the atmosphere. Get a new faucet and it may work to give the kitchen a nice touch. Change lampshades and the entire room will light up in different hues.

  1. Creating affordable artwork

When it comes to artwork, your options aren’t limited to posters only. Consider the following:

  1. Framed pages of a colorful calendar,
  2. Framed cutouts of a magazine,
  3. Framed pieces of wrapping paper, wallpaper, or fabric, all with interesting patterns, or
  4. Framed printed materials.

Making artwork isn’t about the fanciness of the material or the end products. It’s about how creative you can be to use things that interest you the most. Inspiration comes from everything and it’s up to you how you use it.

Final Word

Modern Nordic and Scandinavian Interior Decoration with Cheap Furnitures

Decorating on a budget allows you to have a room of the highest quality without having to spend more than what you can. Above all and affordability aside, retouching a room this way certainly improves it the way you want and that’s where pride is coming from for you to flaunt.

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