Exploring Some Great Ideas to Decorate Office Desk

Wednesday, May 19th, 2021 - Workspace and Home Office

Wooden Office Desk Ideas with Metal Legs to decorate Your Workspace

Most people, maybe including you, spend their time at their office. The office has basically turned into their second home. If you feel the same, it only makes sense to find some ideas to decorate office desk in order that it can feel even more homey and comfortable. Keep in mind that this has nothing to do with whether or not it’s a dream job that you have been dreaming for your entire life. If it is, then great; you would not find it hard to decorate everything and make it really speak to you on a personal level. But if it isn’t, then decorating your office desk would be a great starting point for you to ease into it all. It is already a burden to work a job that’s not really what you have been expecting; working with a desk that is unkempt and so untidy it messes with your own system would mean you are going to go through a hell the entire week. You’re lucky if you make it to the weekend let alone completing the whole cycle of year.

Comfortable Office Desk Setting for Your Workspace

Let’s be honest. No one is truly fond of the conventional setting of a work desk. At times, it may feel like a prison to you every second you sit in your cubicle. The color setting is bland. Walls are capable of inducing claustrophobia. The fluorescent lighting is, well, cringe-worthy if not all around creepy. But it doesn’t have to be like this. Your work desk and the entire cubicle space are your personal space within the professional environment. You have got to do something to make it feel warmer and welcoming. Only after implementing some of the best office desk decorations ideas will you see changes here and there. Another thing worth noticing is the fact that once you feel comfortable with your workspace, productivity may rise as well, further improving your performance and making it possible for you to stand out among your colleagues. That promotion seems to be within reach now, isn’t it?

If you wish to go down at it at a deeper level, you can put it on feng-shui. It’s the art of arranging physical objects in ways that may draw positive energy into your immediate surroundings. The spiritual, physical, and mental balances are directly affected by whatever it is within your proximity. The logic is simple: If you surround yourself with things that make you happy, you will feel a surge in energy and that will eventually lead to improved productivity. You only need ideas to decorate office desk to make it all work. It goes without saying that the way you decorate and make changes to your desk should comply with the professional regulations applied by the office so as not to violate any rules.

So, what office desk decorations ideas should you give a shot at?

  1. Creative Calendars
Office desk decoration ideas with Calendar

You may underestimate the power a calendar holds but it actually helps you in so many ways. With one on the desk, you can keep up with all the appointments, make sure you follow up any plans, and simply put a finger on time. And calendars shouldn’t be boring and dull. You can play with shapes, choose one with famous paintings, or get something with origami design to put it anywhere in the cubicle.

  • Board

Be it a white or bulletin one, a board can help you with remembering and learning things. Post messages on it and keep them as a reminder. If you choose to get a magnetic board, adding some magnets to pin things onto the board can also improve the overall look of your cubicle.

  • Books
Colorful Midcentury Office Desk Set Up Ideas for Workspace

This may sound a little bit counterintuitive; books are something you have access to not in a typical setting of a workplace so you may ask, “What’s the point of getting any?” However, books make a great companion especially when you are the type to spend your lunch hours inside the cubicle instead of the office cafeteria. Stack some of your favorite titles on the cube walls and add some decorative bookends to spruce it up.

  • Plants
Modern Minimalist Office Desk Decor with Plants

Now, despite it being a great idea to decorate your cubicle, you don’t have to go way overboard on this regard. Stick with plants that are low maintenance to arrange on your desk. Your options revolve around succulents like a cactus or you can branch it out to also include spider plant or a peace lily.

  • Lamp
Scandinavian Office Desk with Table Lamp for Modern Workspace

One of the greatest ideas to decorate office desk is to add a lamp to add into the setting. Opt for lighting that is both lifting up your mood and adding warmth so that it can provide a break from the monotonous lighting the office building has to offer. In addition, better lighting would be a solution to eliminating those pesky headache episodes.

  • Personal Mug

Bringing along your favorite mug into the office desk is a great way to make it all the more personal for you. Fix your daily dose of caffeine with your very own mug and flaunt that sense of personal character off across the room.

  • Mirror

Mirrors are known for their ability to virtually make a tight space a lot more expansive due to their reflectiveness. Hang one on the cube walls and it makes a great tool to help you touch it up a little bit before going on with your work.

  • Pillows

Another one of doable office desk decorations ideas is to add pillows. Your boss may claim that the cushion in your office chair is the most comfortable in the entire world. But with your own pillows thrown into the mix, you can see just how much everything gets lifted up.

  • Wall Décor
Corner Office Desk Decor Ideas with Wall Art

Tired of staring at the boring walls of your cubicle? Well, how about adding something onto them so they no longer look so bland. Choose your favorite: family photos, photos of friends, your best bud, your most lovable cat, a picture of your most favorite landscape, etc. Postcards, magazine clippings, or even office supplies can also be your options.

  1. Area Rug

That office carpet is an eyesore for sure. Plus, it might not feel great when your feet touch it. Here’s a solution: Choose an area rug of your own personal preference and add that onto the carpet to shield yourself from the experience of walking on hideous office carpet. As it can be tucked comfortably, it doesn’t take up so much space you would have to take on a renovation project altogether.

  1. Knick Knacks

This constitutes all the accessories besides supplies and other essentials. Sentimental souvenirs or some figurines are great but your options are not limited to those only. Be creative but don’t overdo it lest you turn your cubicle into a thrift store.

  1. Quotes/Word of the Day

This is served to you in a variety of presentations. It could be in the form of a stack of cards or a bunch of post-its. Installing any one of those can be a fun way to keep you inspired throughout the day. Another way to go at this option is to get a clear jar to collect quotes. You can then pick one out of the jar to read the quote.

  1. Colorful Office Supplies
Colorful Office Desk Decoration Ideas for Modern Workspace

Believe it or not, your cubicle will be lit up with energy once you add some colors within. You don’t have to go way overboard with it by hanging that electric-pink wall art. Just stick with colorful office supplies to add a hint of vibrancy such as from paper clips of zebra pattern, staplers with purplish hues, or color-coded filing folders.

  1. Playful Organizers/Storage Units
Wooden Office Dask with Storage for Workspace Decor

This basically goes along very well with idea number 13. However, this time you are going to toy around with the idea of using shapes instead of colors. Browse your favorite online shop and get one that grabs your attention the most. Make the space your own personal safe zone with your choice of storage systems.

Basically speaking, you will never run out of ideas to decorate office desk. The only thing that limits you is how far you can expand your creativity. And you can make it a DIY project, which does not take a lot to accomplish. The most important thing here is the fact that you should do whatever it takes to keep you motivated and inspired enough to get through the day. Getting rid of monotony and improving workspace entertaining values should do the trick to take your productivity up another level. There are things that you need to take into account when it comes to decorating your office desk. Let’s take a look at what you must think about.

  1. Consider your color scheme
Bright Colorful Office Desk Decoration Ideas

This should be your first consideration and your starting point. Choose your base highlight; it is recommended that you choose a color scheme that is bright and colorful. They said that bright colors tend to improve one’s passion when working. Bright colors such as green and yellow improve one’s creativity. So it is only logical to use brighter colors to improve productivity in workplace. The use of bright colors can also extend to sticky notes. Using colorful sticky notes with their color-coding system will make it easier for you to remember tasks and assignments.

  • Make use of washi tape

Washi tape boasts unique design with cute ornamentations. The tape is primarily used in decorating things so the objects can appear more appealing. A PC, a laptop, or a computer keyboard can be visually improved using this kind of tape. Even your mouse pad can be adorned with this tape. Using tools, supplies, and items that are retouched using stuff like this washi tape, motivation can be strengthened, which then affects the level of productivity in the process.

  • Use photos to their maximum effectiveness

If you ever find yourself stuck in boredom and unable to finish task at hand, you can take glimpse at the pictures of your loved ones or the great moments captured in frame. Choose photo frames that are colorful to imbue your cubicle with energy. They can be a great source of motivation and a helpful tool to get you back on track.

  • Make sure it all stays organized

Messy desk means messy head so by all means make sure things don’t scatter across your desk. Again, you can opt for colorful containers or color them with the help of some color spray—which is another case of working on office desk decorations ideas.

  • Make it a point to keep everything tidied up

In relation with the abovementioned point, you need to bear in mind that sometimes the problem with office desk decoration lays on the fact that it is simply flooded with unnecessary things that get in the way. You need to realize that at times one of the most powerful ideas to decorate office desk is to keep it simple and, again, tidy and organized. The desk might be peppered with a pile of old files that are no longer used or office supplies that are lying around without any sense of organization observed. If that is the case, even the most productive workers out there will be driven mad deep into frustration and then think that they need some sort of revamping—which may or may not be effective to tackle the primary issue. So it is always a good idea to start it all with looking at the condition of your office desk to begin with.

Even when you’ve come to an eventual decision about redecorating your work desk, bear in mind that you need to keep it down to earth. Over-decorating your office desk would come with a counterproductive effect and you end up feeling less and less motivated to work than ever before. Fill your cubicle with just enough office desk decorations ideas to keep you re-energized throughout the day and help you maintain a sense of organization.

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