7 Comfortable Sofa Ideas to Gather with Family During a Pandemic

Thursday, June 10th, 2021 - Living Room, Sofa

Living Room Sofa Model for Relaxing at Home

Who says staying at home is boring? In fact, you can do many things at home with your family, such as watching movies, playing games, to just relaxing in living room. Gather with family is not only to relieve of boredom, but also to improve quality time.

However, even so, you should maximize quality time by using a comfortable living room sofa design. The characteristics of an ideal living room sofa must be soft, durable, and enough to accommodate the number of family members so that all of them still feel comfortable. In order not to choose the wrong one, we have prepared seven models of a living room sofa for you.

L Shape Living Room Sofa

Linen Fabric L Shape Sectional Sofa

Minimalist and multifunctional, that’s the characteristic of this sofa design. To get comfort, besides having to have a large size of approximately two meters, the sofa material must also be made of quality foam and fabric which is certainly very comfortable to sit on.

for example, the sofa above, with Scandinavian style, the main advantage of this living room sofa is the model that can be converted into a sofa bed in the rightmost seat. Lying while watching your favorite TV shows with your family will become more fun.

Genuine Leather Sectional Sofa

lesa genuine leather square Sectional arm sofa

If you have more budget, you can choose a living room sofa made of genuine leather. Not without reason, this is because the living room sofa from genuine leather has characteristics that are certainly more durable, soft, and can also provide a cool sensation. Thus, quality time with family becomes more exciting and comfortable. If you choose this family room sofa, don’t forget to add a small blanket to warm your feet.

Living Room Sofa Bed with Storage

Linen Fabric Sleeper Sectional Sofa

The Sectional Sleeper Sofa is ready to pamper you and your family. Not only the beautiful and exclusive model, this sofa design is also very versatile because it can be used as a practical bed for lying down or take a nap. Don’t forget, the material of this sofa bed is easy to clean so you don’t need to be afraid of getting dirty.

Velvet Fabric Sofa Set with Cushion

Green Velvet Fabric Sofa Set with Cushions

One of the favorite living room sofa upholstery is velvet fabric. This is because velvet fabric is very smooth and soft. In addition, a sofa made of velvet fabric can also provide a luxurious look, so that, it is often used as modern home furniture set.

No need to worry about cleanliness because there are many methods of cleaning the velvet fabric that is practical. And don’t forget to add some soft cushions so that quality time becomes more comfortable!

3 Seat Living Room Sofa

Speaking of the size of the most comfortable sofa, of course it needs to be adjusted to the number of family members. Ideally, you can choose a living room sofa with three-seat size, like this elegant green sofa.

Well, if the number of your family members is more than three people, you can add some single sofas with matching colors beside the three-seat sofa. Thus, you can get together with all family members without anyone left behind.

Half Circle Sectional Sofa

Half Circle Velvet Sectional Sofa for Living Room

The smart design of the semicircular sofa can also be your choice to relax together. This sofa design is intentionally curved so that all family members get closer.

Not only that, this sofa design is also very unique because it has a removable feature that can save space. Thus, quality time becomes more memorable and comfortable.

Adjustable Backrest Sofa

Adjustable Backrest sofa with ottoman

This last sofa has a very flexible model because the backrest can be lowered as needed. In fact, the backrest can be lowered flat on the seat so that it can also be categorized as a sofa bed. Thus, when you gather with your family, you can lie down, you can also sit as usual. Interested in using this practical living room sofa? Enjoy your activities and relax with your family at home!

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