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Ornamental plants at home have always been identically used as decorations on the exterior of the house such as patios and gardens. However, with the development of home decorating styles, ornamental plants are now also an element that is often used to beautify home interiors.

Besides giving a more natural and calming impression in the house, indoor ornamental plants also have many benefits. One of them is to clean the air in the room, aka as a natural air purifier.

From several rooms in the house, the use of plants as decoration will clearly be more striking and visible in the living room. Therefore, you should consider choosing the type of plant for living room decoration to give it an attractive and comfortable appearance. Especially for guests who have just entered or come to your house.

Are you curious about what plants are the most suitable to choose for decorating the living room? Come on, see the following options!

Laceleaf or Anthurium Andraeanum

For those of you who want to choose plants with a fairly prominent appearance, you can choose Laceleaf or Anthurium andraeanum as living room decorations. The appearance of this plant stands out because of its fairly wide leaves. This plant comes from South America, it has plenty varied size.

Usually this plant is available and bought and sold starting from 20-40 cm long and 15-38 cm wide. This varied size is of added value because it can be adjusted to the size of the room or corner to be occupied.

Although quite prominent, the appearance of this plant will not be distracting, especially visually. Because the color of the plant which consists of dark green leaves with greenish white leaf bones and red flowers tends to soothe the eye.

Devil’s ivy

Furthermore, there is a plant called golden pothos or also known as devil’s ivy. This plant has a unique appearance with a strong character as decoration, especially for the living room. The reason is because this plant itself is included in the vines group.

For the concept of a minimalist and modern living room, here, golden pothos is perfect because it can give its own touch. This plant is easy to care for and it is very difficult to die.

Even so, this plant is not suitable for those of you who have pets at home, especially dogs or cats. Based on research, golden pothos is proven toxic to both types of animals.

Peace lilies (Spathiphyllum)

For a living room with a more elegant design and theme, the selection of peace lily plants is guaranteed to be the perfect choice to beautify it. Indeed, this white flower shaped like a spoon has a simple appearance. However, it actually provides a balance and harmonious beauty for the living room with an elegant appearance that is usually quite striking.

This plant care is also quite easy. Since this plant cannot receive direct sunlight, those of you who want to choose it in the living room still need to pay special attention.


Various types of cactus plants are popularly chosen as ornamental plants for interior decoration. Apart from being famous for its easy maintenance, its varied shapes and tends to be unique, it can be used as a decoration for any part of the room in the house.

This plant is also suitable for decorating the living room. The appearance of a cactus that tends to be simple can give a sweet impression to the room. The colors of these plants also tend to give the room a fresh and natural impression. Guaranteed, it is suitable for those of you who have a living room with a minimalist style decoration.


Previously, the sansevieria was more well known as an ornamental plant that is commonly planted in gardens and outside terraces. However, now this plant is also popularly used as interior decoration in the house, you know.

This plant is perfect for displaying near a window, between a sofa, or next to a living room entrance. Its unique shape and size are guaranteed to exude its own beauty in the living room.

For those of you who have a living room with a modern and minimalist look, this plant is also very suitable to be displayed in the room because it can add value to the aesthetics of the room.


The name Philodendron sounds quite foreign to our ears. However, this type of plant has been used as decoration for a long time and is very popular lately.

This plant is even very trendy among lovers of modern minimalist decorations. The reason is, because this plant has a strong character and is very suitable to complement the minimalist and modern interior appearance.

Just look at the shape and size of the leaves which are very unique and interesting. Guaranteed to be very striking but still look cute when exhibited as decoration in your living room.

Aloe vera

Surely you are already familiar with aloe vera, right? This plant itself is already very well known both from its appearance and benefits. This plant is also suitable as a home interior decoration. Unique leaf appearance, guaranteed to give its own character.

This plant is also very easy to care for and doesn’t cost a fortune so you can consider for alternatives. Not to mention the various benefits, yes, one of which is as a natural air purifier where this plant can absorb benzene, formalin, and other harmful chemicals in the surrounding air.

Those are the various types of ornamental plants that can be chosen to enhance your living room decor in your home. very interesting, isn’t it?

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