6 Magnificent Models of Living Room Ceramics floor

Tuesday, June 15th, 2021 - Living Room

Inspiration of Elegant Living Room Ceramics that You Can Imitate

As we know, the living room is one of the most important areas in the house. This is because the living room becomes a place to entertain friends, relatives, or coworkers who visit your house. So, do not be surprised if the living room is often designed as beautiful as possible so that guests feel comfortable and impressed.

One way to design a living room is to choose the right ceramics floor. It is undeniable, ceramic becomes one of the determinants of the beauty of the room so you must be able to adjust the model with the concept or design of the overall living room.

Well, in this article, we will share six elegant ceramic living room floor models so that all the guests who come to your house are impressed.

Victorian Motifs

victorian motifs living room tile

Speaking of magnificent houses, of course, this ceramic design can not be left behind. Having the impression of luxury, this living room with victorian ceramic motifs is in elegant dark brown, or you can choose another colors like dark blue or dark grey.

Do not stop there, this ceramics motifs increasingly looks magnificent with a combination of furniture and classic decoration that seems expensive. To maximize the look of the living room, you can choose a variety of furniture that has detailed carvings, like in the days of the British Empire in the Middle Ages.

Living Room Victorian Rosemary Rectified Ceramic

If brown is too dark for you, you can choose a victorian living room ceramic model with a brighter color, like white with a slight touch of gray. The most important thing, make sure you adjust the decor and furniture used with the selected ceramic living room colors.

Industrial Style Ceramic

Modern Vintage Industrial style Ceramic

This ceramic motif is very suitable to present industrial concepts in the room. Especially with the use of exposed concrete walls, industrial design in the living room is increasingly alive.

The inspiration of this one living room also looks dramatic thanks to the contrasting display between the living room ceramics with a variety of gray furniture and decor frameworks. Do not forget with a touch of wood found on the table, chairs, and display shelves also helped make the room not seem monotonous.

Wooden Effect Tiles

Modern Motif Wooden Effect Tiles

wood motif can also be a choice of ceramic living room for those of you who want a warm and homey atmosphere. In general, wood motif tiles are arranged neatly and in a row so that they can display a classic impression. Thus, the living room ceramics are also suitable for country or traditional house design.

Monochrome Geometry Motifs

Monochrome Geometry victorian tile Motifs

For those of you who want to have simple home, but still elegant with a monochrome theme, then this geometry ceramic motif is perfect for you. The geometric ceramic pattern are small so you don’t need to add much decoration to the room.

Meanwhile, monochrome living room ceramics with larger geometric patterns can bring a relaxed impression and suitable applied to modern minimalist style residences. To maximize the look of this living room’s tiled, avoid using furniture with colors that are too contrasting. Thus, the monochrome nuances of this motif can be more prominent.

Natural Stone Ceramic

Granite Stone Ceramic for modern living room

natural stone, such as granite or marble are also suitable for use as living room ceramics in your home. Besides being able to present a natural impression, the living room ceramics from natural stone are also able to make the room look magnificent. You can apply the natural stone with large tile sizes so the results are more charming and luxurious.

Digital Printed Ceramic Tile

Digital Printed Ceramic Tile spazio

Digital printed ceramic allows you to choose the desired image or motif. In the above inspiration, the living room’s ceramic motifs look curved carvings so that it feels like a vast royal living room.

Not to forget the use of furniture and decoration are also adapted to the ceramic model of the living room, where there is a sofa and mirror with silver color that full of carvings.

floral motif digital printed tile

Well, if the inspiration for this room is to use flower ceramics. The combination with various matching furniture such as white sofas and curtains makes this living room look beautiful and elegant. By presenting this ceramic model, of course you can further highlight the luxury in your living room.

Of the six ceramic floor models above, have you found your choice? However, regardless of the model, make sure you choose a quality ceramic, so it lasts longer!

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