Elegant Minimalist Solid Wooden Sofa Bed

Elegant and Charming Wooden Living Room Sofa Chair

Chairs are one of the important pieces of furniture that must be present in a dwelling. Especially for the use of chairs or sofas in the living room, where the selection must be made carefully by prioritizing quality, model, material and size.

One of the most common and favorite for many is a wooden sofa. This type of sofa is popularly used because of the use of wood as the frame or main material which is very easy to shape into various models. In addition, wooden guest chairs also have good resistance so that they are more durable and long lasting.

For those of you who are interested in combining classic elements in the living room, then you can consider a wooden sofa. As a reference, below are some examples of wooden sofa designs that you can use to enhance the appearance of your living room. For details, just take a look at the following wooden guest chair design ideas!

Minimalist Wooden Sofa

This living room sofa has a very simple design, so it is very suitable to be combined with the minimalist room concept. This sofa has a low leg size and is equipped with white cushions that match the design on the frame.

Meanwhile, on the side there is space that you can use to put warm dishes such as tea or coffee. Or you can use it to put displays, such as plant pots or table lamps. Very multifunctional, isn’t it?

L-Shaped Wooden Sofa

The next inspiration is a corner living room sofa or commonly called an L-shaped sofa. This sofa is very suitable for use in a room that is not too large because it can accommodate more seats without having to take up a lot of space. So, to make it look attractive, you can also combine it with a carpet like in the picture. You can also use a table with matching wood colors and motifs to make it look harmonious.

Jengki Style Wooden Sofa

This jengki style sofa has a distinctive character on the legs which are very slim in size. With a simple model without complicated accents, this wooden sofa is also ready to give an aesthetic impression in the middle of your living room. You can consider the sofa design as shown in the picture because the back and seat are made separate from the chair frame so that it is easier to clean.

Wooden Sofa Bed

Besides being able to function as a seat, this wooden sofa can also be used as a bed. Yes, this sofa bed design is perfect for those of you who need two pieces of furniture at once, namely a comfortable seat and a bed. This versatile wooden sofa can also be placed in a limited living room so that it makes the room look spacious, but still has an optimal function.

Carved Wooden Sofa

The last inspiration is a wooden sofa with a touch of carving and curved shapes. As you can see, this sofa looks charming thanks to the combination of classic carvings on the chair frame with vintage patterned backrest. Even though it has vintage motif, this sofa still looks luxurious, it’s no wonder that this wooden guest chair is the center of attention in your living room.

If you are interested in adopting a wooden sofa design like this, we recommend choosing high-quality wood materials, for example, teak wood because it is sturdier, more durable, anti-termite, and has natural pattern which is very aesthetic .

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