Make the Atmosphere More Lively with 9 Plants for a Beautiful Kitchen

Wednesday, May 5th, 2021 - Kitchen, Ornamental Plant

Room decoration is not only seen from the aesthetic side but also the quality of the air in the room. One way to make a room always beautiful is to add plants in the room. Apart from the family room and bathroom, you can also add plants in the kitchen. Not only makes the kitchen more beautiful, but also fresh.

Complementary plants for kitchen decoration to make it more fresh and aesthetic

Choosing plants to complement kitchen decorations must be considered. Choose plants that are easy to care for and don’t need to be in the sun all the time.

For those of you who are looking for plants for kitchen decoration, there are 9 lists of recommended plants for you to put in the kitchen. Come on, check this out.

Spider Plant

Chlorophytum comosum, which has another name, Spider Plant, is suitable for kitchen decoration. Spider Plant is very easy to care for, because it can grow in places with less sunlight.

Apart from its fresh color, spider plant functions as a natural air purifier because it can remove odors, smoke and pollutants in the surrounding environment. You can hang the Spider Plant in the kitchen or place it near the window for a fresh finishing touch.

Medicinal plants

Apart from ornamental plants, you can also add aromatic herbs in the kitchen. Examples are basil, mint, or parsley. Not only beautiful, medicinal plants can also be consumed as a cooking ingredient.

Easy maintenance and does not require a large planting medium, making herbal plants very suitable to be placed indoors.

Aloe Vera

Who already knows about the function of the aloe vera plant? yes, this one kitchen plant is very functional. You can use the gel or mucus on aloe vera to treat burns. In fact, aloe vera gel is also used by many beauty manufacturers to moisturize skin.

Besides being very useful, aloe vera treatment is also relatively easy. Place the aloe vera in the kitchen to make the air cleaner.

Chinese evergreens

Chinese evergreens or commonly known aglonema, has two well-known colors in general, namely red and green. They are basically a red or green color with a hint of white and cream accents. Of course this is very suitable when placed in the kitchen. Sri Rejeki is known to be able to adapt and grow in dry air conditions.

This plant is great for interior design because in addition to its beautiful color, they can also neutralize dirty air in the room.


In Indonesia, Sansevieria has another name which is unique. It is said that the sharp leaves make it called the tongue-in-law plant. Sansevieria is a suitable plant to be placed in the kitchen because it is easy to care for and has upright leaves so it won’t hinder your mobility in the kitchen.

Sansevieria has many benefits. Among them are to nourish hair, treat diabetes, hemorrhoids, to malignant cancer.


Many people choose cactus as indoor plants. This is because cactus care is fairly easy. In addition to their tiny size, cacti also only need a little water to grow. Putting a cactus in the kitchen can give it a fresher touch.

African violets

If you want flowering plants in your kitchen, then African violets can be the right choice. African violet grows in moist soil and warm temperatures. Therefore, you can put it near the cooking area. However, make sure that the African violets are watered sufficiently.

The benefits of plants with purple and pink flowers can filter dirty air. So, the air circulation in your kitchen will always be fresh.


Maybe jasmine plants are more commonly found outdoors. In fact, jasmine can also grow indoors. Besides being beautiful for room decoration, jasmine also gives off a fresh floral scent so that your kitchen will always smell good.

To get the optimal benefits of jasmine, place it in a sunny kitchen area and make sure the soil is moist.

Hedera helix

Hedera helix or english ivy is very easy to grow indoors. You just need to make sure that English Ivy gets direct sunlight. The best way to place this plant is by hanging it or placing it near a window.

If you have pets, keep them away from the English Ivy plant as this plant is harmful to them, it can poison cats or dogs.

Adding plants to the kitchen design is a very appropriate step. You can choose 2 until 3 plants at once. Just need careful arrangement, then your kitchen will look fresher and more alive.

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