8 Minimalist Window Models That Make Your Home More Stylish

Monday, July 5th, 2021 - Interior Design

Confused about determining the right window design for your home? Apart from having a very vital function for the comfort of a house, windows must also have an appropriate design so that the overall appearance of the house can look harmonious, one of which is a minimalist model.

The window determines the air circulation and the amount of light that enters. In addition, the shape and placement of the windows will also affect the beauty of your home. Therefore, there are lots of minimalist window models and choices that you can choose from. Do you want to know the most suitable window model for your home? Take a look at some of the following window designs.

Transom Window

Double Hung Windows with Transom

The transom window is placed over a door frame or other window. This installation technique allows the transom window to have a variety of shapes to match the window or house design. This window can be closed and opened which functions to circulate air. Therefore, the transom window is equipped with bars and hinges that allow it to be opened from below. The transom model is practical and flexible because it is suitable for placement in various areas of the house.

Arched Window

Minimalist Living Room with Arched Design

Want to make the room appear more elegant? This window model will fit perfectly if applied to a house that has an elegant and luxurious classic interior theme. This window model with a square bottom and a semicircular arch top can give a soft effect to the room. Classic arched windows can give your home a beautiful and sweet effect. To add a luxurious and majestic impression, add curtains that match your taste and design theme.

Double Hung Window

The double hung model is a very popular window model used in various countries. This window model combines two window panes in a frame so that it has a more dynamic appearance. To pan this window, you can slide it down or up. You can choose this window model to get a classic look at the house.

Folding or Bi-fold Window

NONAGON style Classic Modern Bifold Window Design

This model is unique, because not only can it function as a window, but you can also use it as a room divider. Folding or bi-fold windows can be folded with a bent side that can be directed toward the center or stacked to the edge of the room. Usually, bi-fold windows are used on the side of the room near open areas such as parks or swimming pools. The use of this window will make the room seem more spacious, light and air circulation can enter more optimally, and make the room more open.

Picture Window

Picture window is a fixed window design because of its shape that cannot be opened. If you want to place this window, you can choose a side of the room that doesn’t really need air ventilation, but has a beautiful outdoor view. Picture window can also be used to give a spacious impression to the room. Not only that, the use of picture windows can also reduce electricity usage at home because large amounts of natural light can enter.

Sliding Window

The sliding window model is very suitable for use in a house with a limited area because of the practicality and the model of the window opening that does not take up much space. Usually, this window is shifted horizontally and coincides on the other side of the glass. This model is suitable to be applied to house types with modern or contemporary interior designs. You can also use this window as a door or partition that separates the room, you know.

Casement Window

Casement windows have a vertical side that is longer than their horizontal side. Even though it looks the same as windows in general, the shutters on this model have the added feature of a hinge that can hold the window in a certain position. This opening system with additional hinges has the advantage, because it can make windows less easily blown by the wind. This window model is suitable for use in rooms that do need fresh air such as in the kitchen area.

Frosted Window

Slightly different from other windows, this one model gives the appearance of frosted glass and gives you more privacy. Usually, this window is used in rooms that require high privacy, such as bathrooms or room corners.

Which minimalist window model would you like to apply to your home? Adjust the selection with the function of the room and the design style of the room.

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