7 Tips for Arranging Urban Jungle Interior Design for Homes

Sunday, July 11th, 2021 - Interior Design, Tips and Tricks

Minimalist or Scandinavian style interior design is certainly familiar to most people. Understandably, this design style is indeed attractive and easy to apply to any home design. However, there are many other interior design that are no less interesting to apply in your home, one of which is urban jungle.

In general, urban jungle interior design does refer to natural nuances and other natural things. If you are interested in applying it to your home, let’s find out what are the ways and tips and tricks that you can imitate.

Placing Live and Artificial Plants

One of the characteristics of urban jungle interior design is the placement of plants in the room. There are many types of plants that you can use to enhance the interior, for example the peace lily, sansevieria, and succulents. Apart from living plants, you can also use artificial plants (artificial) as decorative elements to enhance the interior appearance of the house.

Applying White Walls

Actually, you are free to choose a wall color other than white if you want to adopt an urban jungle style. However, white is one of the best choices because it gives a bright, clean and spacious impression. The interior design of a small house with an urban jungle concept should use white walls so that it doesn’t seem cramped. White walls work well with green or earth-tone colors like browns and grays.

Using a variety of plant pots

The use of a variety of pots is one of the attractions of an urban jungle interior design. Don’t get bored hunting pots with unique designs to complement the interior atmosphere of the house. A beautiful pot not only serves as a container for plants but can also be a unique decorative element not found in other people’s homes.

Adding a Decorative Touch to the Wall

A natural impression can also be obtained by adding a decorative touch to the wall in the form of a mural with natural nuances. Those of you who like painting can also channel that hobby on the walls of the house. One of the walls of the house can be transformed into a giant canvas to draw a mural with a nature theme. Make sure you use quality paint to draw the mural so that the color is bright and durable.

Incorporating Wood Elements in the Interior

The interior design of an urban jungle house is also inseparable from thick wood elements. So, you can enter the wood element through the use of furniture, wooden floors, or other decorative elements. You are free to use dark and light colored wood as long as the combination does not make the interior of the house seem excessive.

Relying on Animal Fur Texture

The urban jungle atmosphere that is manifested in the interior of the house will be more complete if there is a touch of animal skin in it. The faux-fur (animal fur) texture is indeed a unique touch that effectively makes the interior of the house feel comfortable. You can add a faux-fur texture through the use of a soft-fur rug or sofa cushion. Don’t forget to regularly clean the room elements with a texture resembling animal hair so they don’t become a nesting place for disease-causing microorganisms and dust.

Enhancing the atmosphere by raising animals

Usually the urban jungle interior concept is most preferred by animal lovers. If you are an animal lover, there’s nothing wrong with perfecting the natural atmosphere at home by raising animals. Start by raising an animal that is easy to care for, such as fish, turtles, or reptiles. Put your pet in an attractive container and don’t forget to clean it regularly so that it stays healthy and doesn’t smell bad.

The urban jungle-style interior concept can be an attractive design alternative for those of you who are bored with simple and minimalist styles. It is time to create a unique interior design according to the tastes of you and your family.

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