8 Luxury and Comfortable Living Room Sofa designs

Saturday, June 26th, 2021 - Sofa

As a room that is located at the very front of the house, the living room must be designed properly in order to provide maximum comfort for visiting guests. One of the ways you can do this, is by arranging the living room furniture which is neat and charming, with the type of sofa that is comfortable and in accordance with the overall interior design of the living room.

The living room sofa is an important measure of whether or not guests are comfortable in your home. Well, there are lots of models and types of sofas to choose from to complement your living room. Looking for inspiration for a suitable living room sofa? Come on, look at the list below.

Cabriole Sofa

Modern Cabriole Sofa

Want to display an elegant impression but still be able to provide maximum comfort in your living room? Just choose a cabriole type sofa that looks solid with its thick wooden frame, soft seat, and high back. This sofa can give a room an energetic and vintage touch, but it is still elegant, luxurious and not excessive. If you want to bring out the impression of shabby chic, choose a sofa with armrests that are lower than the back. Then add some cushions with pastel colors to make the sofa look more comfortable.

L-Shaped Chaise Sofa

L shaped Chaise Sofa

For those of you who like minimalist interior design, then choosing a modern sofa is the right choice. One type of sofa that is interesting is the chaise type L-shaped sofa. This shape allows the user to sit while stretching their legs out on the sofa. Very comfortable, right? Selection of a sofa in one color and without a motif, can also support a sweet and simple minimalist interior design. But if you want to present a fresh impression, you can also choose a sofa with a bright color that can be the focal point of the room.

Sofa Bed

modern flipside sofa bed

Multifunctional furniture is now increasingly popular because of its functionality. If the guests who visit are mostly relatives or close friends, then there is nothing wrong with presenting a more intimate and comfortable living room atmosphere. The existence of a sofa bed is perfect for creating a family atmosphere at home. In addition to its practical characteristic because it can be folded when not needed, this type of sofa will definitely make relatives who visit feel more at home without disturbing the family room.

Circular Sofa

Fabric Circular Sofa

Tired of the square sofa? You can also choose a sofa with a circular shape. Its unique and unusual appearance will display a thick modern impression in the living room. To complete this sofa, also add a round table right in front of the semicircular sofa to maximize its minimalist look. However, keep in mind the distance between the table and the sofa so that the required space for movement can still be fulfilled.

Wooden Frame Sofa

Sherwood 3 Seater Wooden Frame Sofa
Modern Minimalist Wooden Frame Sofa

The sofa frame made of wood will give a warm impression with its natural touch. A combination of neutral colored sofas such as beige, black, brown, or white with wood can bring an elegant yet simple impression to a living room.

Country Style Sofa

For those who want to change the interior style to a more traditional and natural one, then choose a country style sofa. With the dominance of the wooden frame at the bottom of the sofa, as well as light, brown or pastel colors on the seats and backs, it can make the living room atmosphere cooler. This country style sofa is perfect for those who have a wooden house. To make it more comfortable, add a soft cushion pad on the back. This avoids neck pain when sitting on the sofa with the back so hard.

Plain Minimalist Sofa

Plain Minimalist Sofa scandinavian style

If your living room doesn’t have too large area, then you should choose a sofa with a natural color in the corner of the room. Choose a corner sofa with plain motifs and colors that are not too flashy to get a minimalist style. Also add some pillows with matching colors so that the sofa is more comfortable to sit on for long.

High Legged Sofa

HSL Carnaby Serrin High Legged Sofa

In addition to choosing a brightly colored sofa, you can also use a slim sofa model with high legs for a living room that has a limited area. With this sofa model, a living room that previously looked narrow will definitely look spacious. However, avoid choosing a color composition that is too dark so that the room avoids the impression of being cramped. If you want to choose a dark sofa, add a light colored carpet to balance it, like the example below.

Modern Minimalist High Legged Sofa

So, which type of living room sofa best suits with your chosen interior style? Whatever the design is, make sure the sofa size matches the area of the room to make it look more comfortable. Happy choosing!

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