Adjustable Railing Planters: A Practical and Elegant Plant Shelf

Monday, June 7th, 2021 - Pot and Planter

adjustable railing planters are shelves made of strong resin with an elegant design. It is suitable to beautify or decorate balconies, fences, decks, windows and bamboo poles.

This hanging plant rack has two supporting arms as hooks. very practical to use for planting, without the need to use hardware or drilling in installation. You just need to adjust the support arm to the width you want and then hang it, you’re done.

This planter’ support arms are strong to accommodate your soil and plants, and also have various sizes and widths can be adjusted from 1inch to 5 inches.

Another important feature is having a quarter inch reservoir to accommodate excess water and also reduce watering. You can get this planter in several e-commerce like Amazon, Alibaba, Shopee, Homedepot, Wayfair, and others with a price range of $ 25 to $ 40. Or you can buy it at the nearest plantation shop.

Pictures gallery of Adjustable Railing Planters: A Practical and Elegant Plant Shelf

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