7 Unique Suculent Planter Decoration Ideas To Decorate Your Bedroom!

Thursday, May 13th, 2021 - Ornamental Plant, Pot and Planter

DIY Planter Decoration Ideas That Are Easy To Do!

From the start of the quarantine, maybe some of us try to pass the time by redecorating rooms or planting crops. Well, for those of you who want to start caring for plants or are bored with simple pot designs, check out these 9 succulent pot decoration ideas that you can do yourself.

Colorblock Ceramic Succulent Planter

DIY Colorblock Ceramic succulent Planter

This first succulent planter or pot decoration idea is quite easy and cheap to do. If you don’t have a ceramic planter, you can use a clay pot. Besides you can use clay pots that you can find anywhere, you also have many choices for decoration. The paint you use can also be adjusted according to your respective budget. If you want a cheap one, modify this succulent pot decoration idea by buying a type of acrylic tube paint.

DIY Colorblock Ceramic succulent Pot

You only need about four different types of acrylic paint, a pot, a brush and a plant! For the inside and out, you can play with your favorite colors or choose colors that contrast with each other! Then, you can apply a different color for the outline on the outside. Before you paint, make sure the pot surface is clean! Otherwise, the dust will stick to it and make the coating rough, unless if you want the design is like that. Wait dry, then the pot is ready to use!

Clay Petals Ceramic Planter

Clay Petals succulent Pot

Besides being cute, this flower pot decoration idea also looks delicious like a cake! If you are a typical person who likes colorful decorations and doesn’t want to be complicated, you need to try this clay plant pot decoration idea. If you have a plain ceramic pot, or any plain pot that is heat resistant, decorating it with polymer clay can be an option too! This plant pot is perfect for giving a tint of color to your plain room. However, you can also choose any color scheme you like!

All you need for this flower pot decoration idea is colorful polymer clay, heat-resistant pots like ceramic or clay pots and plastic knives! Take a small piece of clay and place it on the outside of the pot surface. Then, pull it down to form petals and repeat the procedure until the entire surface is covered. Put in the oven at 300 ° F or 149 ° C for 15 minutes, let it cool and the pot is ready to use!

Glass Jar Succulent Planter

If you have a lot of used glass bottles, don’t throw them away! You can take a peek at succulent pot decoration ideas to recycle it! Besides being able to help you save money, you can also take part in protecting the environment! Don’t worry if your bottle has a small size, you can plant mini succulents there which you can make as decorations on your desk or in the bedroom. Apart from that, there is a lot you can do in this recycled pot decoration idea. You can make a rope knot to hang it, or you can repaint this flower pot.

DIY Clay Planter

For this succulent pot decoration idea, you can use clay or any colored clay. You just need to make a round shape, then the clay shape is according to the succulent you are going to plant. Don’t forget to also give a small hole in the bottom for the water outlet. Heat the clay as in the clay petals flower pot decoration ideas procedure.

Gold-Dipped Planter

Gold Dipped Mini Succulent Planter

Do you want to redecorate your planter but don’t have enough time? Take it easy! You can do this pot decoration idea quickly and only requires a small amount of material. You just need to prepare flower pots, spray paint.

This flower pot decoration idea can also be a lifehack if you want a decoration that looks fancy but is still budget-friendly. You can buy spray paint with metallic colors such as gold, silver and even rose gold. To help you paint with spray paint so that it doesn’t hit the top, you can use masking tape on the top of the pot. That is very easy, isn’t it?

Succulent Terrarium

Are you a lover of succulents and futuristic designs? If you are a fan of succulents and want to show them off but don’t want to have many pots for reasons of location, this succulent pot decoration idea can be a consideration! By using a round aquarium made of both glass and plastic, you can create a succulent terrarium that will add to your decoration points! In addition, you can also add colored gravel to beautify the terrarium.

For this planter idea, all you have to do is move the soil into the aquarium, arrange your succulents and sprinkle colorful pebbles to your heart’s content.

DIY Mini Rope Planter

DIY Rope Succulent Planter

This pot decoration idea is right for those of you who like challenges! You need rope or wool, glue, paint and of course, a plant pot! Glue the outer surface with glue, then wrap the entire surface with rope. You can also give other colors with paint for this pot decoration idea.

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