These 5 Plant Shelf Designs Also Make Your Home and Garden Neat and Even More Beautiful!

Monday, May 10th, 2021 - Plant Shelf

Charming Plant Stand Design Inspirations

Do you often feel confused about arranging a large number of potted plants? some people often put their plant pots randomly, whether it’s in the garden, terrace, or in the house. It will make your house even more messy and look shabby. The solution is that you can use a plant shelf to organize your pots at home.

There are various plant shelf designs on the market, so you have many choices to suit your needs and tastes. An attractive plant shelf design not only makes the house tidier, but also can beautify your home which makes it eye catching. Here are some graceful and fancy plant shelf design ideas for you. Instead of being curious, just take a look below.

Slanted Vertical Plant Shelf

Home Depot Slanted Vertical Plant Shaelf

An example of this plant shelf is a product from a home depot, but you can also find similar shelves in other stores. If you like to plant various types of flowers or plants in various sizes, then this shelf design is perfect for you. You can put a large enough plant pot at the bottom of the shelf. Meanwhile, you can put some pot plants that are medium or smaller in size, such as succulent plants, anthurium, or aloe vera on the middle and top shelf.

Plant shelf designs like this have a wide selection of materials, iron and wood. You can choose a wooden shelf if you like natural look. And you can choose iron racks with dark colors to make your garden look more elegant. This shelf allows you to save more space, because of the design which is vertical and slightly tilted upwards.

Circular Plant Stand

Round Circular Wooden Plant Stand

The next plant shelf design is somewhat different in general. Circular shelf consisting of two semicircular shelves joined together. The surface of this shelf is made of wood planks like blockboard with a bright nuance with black and white iron support posts. That’s all what makes this shelf so charming. You can also choose colors according to your taste with the same design.

This shelf can accommodate up to 12 medium sized potted plants, according to its large enough size. Not only that, you can put hanging plant pots on a small hanger located at the very top of the shelf. This shelf is very attractive, isn’t it?

Foldable Plant Rack

Foldable Wooden Plant Rack Stand

The flower shelf model above can be the best choice for you, if you like a simple design, but still want to make your home beautiful and look decorative. Overall, this shelf design is very simple. there is a pattern of veering alternately to right and left on the supports on the stand beside the shelf which makes it foldable. And that’s what keeps this shelf pretty, neat and nice.

The load of this shelf can filled in up to 10 small flower pots. Or you can choose a shelf like this with a larger size to accommodate more capacity. You can put this shelf on your interior or garden.What needs to be considered if you place it outdoors, because this shelf is made of wood which is usually vulnerable to weather changes and termite attacks, you have to check its condition periodically.

Tiered Vertical Plant Stand

Multiple Vertical Plant Stand

Many people like shelves with unique designs but still minimalist then the shelf design above is perfect for them. The tiered model is like a ladder that rises to the top that makes this flower shelf look very attractive. In addition, the high-value aesthetic impression is produced by the natural dark brown paint on the shelf that still shows the wood fibers.

Don’t waste any space on this flower shelf, if the number of your plants or flowers doesn’t fill the flower shelf, just put your various displays or antiques from your collection instead. This is so that the flower shelf still looks beautiful.

Unique Plant Stand

Unique Plant Stand

Doesn’t the design idea above catch your heart? maybe this one do. This shelf has a very unique model, which is shaped like a jar or radish. This shelf pole has a curved shape with a shelf surface that is alternated from bottom to top. It ends at the top which is curved outwards where there is a place for hanging flower pots.

This shelf is very efficient and is perfect for sweetening a small house because the shelf size is not too large. Of course, your home will be more lively and attractive when you use this functional furniture.

Are you interested in some of the design ideas above to apply to your home? Also pay attention to the quality of the flower shelf material to keep it durable in addition to choosing a neat and nice design.

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