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Various types of vines ready to decorate the exterior of your house

There are many ways you can do to make the atmosphere of the house look beautiful. One of them, you can present plants, both on the exterior and interior so that the residence is cooler and adds aesthetic value.

If you plan to decorate the exterior of the house with plants, you can bring vines on the roof, fence, and even the canopy. Meanwhile, the vines themselves come in various types which of course can be adjusted according to taste or need.

In this article, we will invite you to see what types of vines can be used to beautify your home. To know more, just take a peek at the types of vines below!


Bougenville vines or commonly called paper flowers are very popular in several countries. You can install this one vine on a pergola, canopy, or roof, and it has flowers with bright colors like pink, purple, to yellow. Well, if you want the exterior appearance of your home to be bolder and more classic, but still beautiful, then this vine is perfect for planting!

Climbing fig

There is also the Ficus Pumila or commonly known as the Climbing fig. These vines are also suitable to be installed on the exterior of the house, especially on walls or fences. Not only can it beautify your home, this vine also has many benefits, such as diarrhea medicine and even to neutralize free radicals.


Next is Tarlmounia which has another term, namely curtain creeper plant or Lee Kwan Yew plant which was taken from a statesman from Singapore. This one vine has a very unique shape because it can grow like a curtain so it is very suitable to be installed to cover the canopy or balcony.

Allamanda cathartica

If you want to use beautiful vines and have colorful flowers, you can also try planting Allamanda cathartica or also known as golden trumpet. This vine is very suitable to be installed in a garden pergola or canopy because it can produce beautiful pink or yellow flowers, as well as unique shapes such as trumpets.


Another vine reference that is suitable for you to use to beautify the outer wall area of the house or fence is Mandevilla or another name is Rocktrumpet. Just like Allamanda, this one vine also has flowers with very diverse colors, ranging from pink, red, to white.

Morning Glory

Next up are the Morning Glory vines. These vines have good resistance to heat, making them suitable for installation in tropical climates. Interestingly, this plant has unique colored flowers, such as purple, blue, and even pink, and can emit a very fragrant fragrance that gives a fresh effect in the dwelling.


The last vine reference that you can use to beautify your home is Ivy. Interestingly, this one vine can grow quickly and can produce dense leaves so it is ready to give a cool impression in the dwelling without the need for extra care.

The seven vines references above not only can beautify the exterior appearance of the dwelling, but also are very effective for providing a cool effect. Its existence is quite easy to find in the market. Come on, immediately decorate the outside of your house with vines to make it look more charming!

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