Various Types Air Purifying Plant for Your Home

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The air we breathe every time is not really clean and good for health. In the air there are often pollutants, whether in the form of dust, viruses, or harmful chemicals. To overcome this, modern society often uses air purifiers. Indeed, this tool is proven to be effective for cleaning the air, but it can increase monthly expenses. How about switching to using air purifying plants instead?

Air purifying plants basically live by inhaling the surrounding air, then absorbing pollutant substances and expelling the air back to the surroundings in a clean state. The process or how it works is similar to an air purifier. The price of this plant also tends to be cheap, as well as the cost of maintenance. Interested in maintaining air-purifying plants to make your home healthier? Check out the list below.

Spider Plant

The most common pollutant found in the air at home is carbon monoxide. This substance is usually created as a result of the cooking process. Therefore, you can put a spider plant in the kitchen area. The size is small, the shape is in the form of long tapering leaves of light green color with a dark green frame. Besides being useful for making your home healthier, spider plant plants are also effective in beautifying your home!


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Aglaonema which later became popular turned out to be useful as an air purifying plant as well. This ornamental plant consists of many types. Therefore, the color and shape are different. However, the benefits are the same. You can choose the type of aglaonema plant that best fits the interior style of each house. Oh yes, this plant is also able to suppress the growth of fungal spores that are bad for health by up to 50%.

Boston Fern

Boston Fern Air Purifying Plant

Sword fern or boston fern can grow to a height of 90 cm. This plant has lush leaves and grows in groups. Suitable to be placed in the corner of the living room, hung near the terrace of the house, or decorate the yard.

Boston ferns are generally easy to care for. You just need to change the planting medium or soil every year and keep the leaves moist. That way, this air purifying plant can do its job as well as possible.


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Not just an ordinary air purifying plant, sansevieria is also known as a plant that is able to absorb nuclear radiation. This plant is claimed to be able to absorb about 100 types of toxins in the air. Sansevieria is a green plant whose shape is long, tapered and upright. This plant is classified as hardy for tropical climates. Whether placed in the garden or indoors, it can grow well. The performance of cleaning the air is just as good.

Hyophorbe lagenicaulis

Hyophorbe lagenicaulis air purifying houseplants

The next air purifying plant is the hyophorbe lagenicaulis. This plant will absorb the toxins carried by the air, then release them in a clean and rich oxygen state that is good for the occupants of the house.

In addition, this plant also doubles as a house humidity guard. The water absorbed by the roots will be released back as steam. Thus, residents of the house will avoid colds, sore throats, and dry coughs. The size of this plant is not too big like a palm in general. You can plant it in a pot and place it in the corner of the room.


Tired of greenery? Relax, there are flowering plant options as air purifying plants. The plant in question is chrysanthemum which is also often used as tea. This flower is able to absorb toxic substances such as ammonia, benzene, formaldehyde, and xylene. The color of this flower is very diverse. There are white, yellow, red, pink, and orange.

Those are 6 types of air purifying plants that can make your home healthier. As a bonus, these air-purifying plants can also make your home look more beautiful. Come on, choose your favorite air purifying plants and feel the benefits!

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