These 7 Types of Indoor Plants Are Ready to Beautify Your Home!

Monday, June 21st, 2021 - Plant

A variety of beautiful indoor plants that are suitable for your home

variety of beautiful indoor plants that are suitable for your home

Plants are not only beautiful when planted outside your home. If displayed indoors, indoor plants can also give a fresher impression to any space in your home. You can put indoor plants in pots if you really intend to make them as decorations for the interior of the house.

However, not all types of plants are suitable to be placed indoors. Small plants that have characteristics in terms of shape and color are more suitable as indoor plants to decorate your interior.

The following are some recommendations for indoor plants that you can apply to your home. Everything is beautiful and can make the area in the house more comfortable and fresh. Come on, just see below!

Swiss cheese plant

Swiss cheese plant or commonly called monstera, has a leaf shape that resembles a heart with holes all over the leaf surface that won’t make you bored looking at this indoor plant. Moreover, currently Monstera is on the rise as an indoor plant.

This indoor plant is able to strengthen the minimalist and Scandinavian impression in your home. Monstera is very suitable to be placed in the living room or bedroom to make the room feel fresh.


Cactus is already known as an indoor plant that can make the interior of your home look more luxurious. Don’t just hang around displaying small cactus at home. You can also try putting a large cactus pot in the living room or family room to make a more elegant impression. Cactus is also suitable for a variety of home interior designs, including industrial-style houses.


Ornamental Potted Plant Indoor Pteridofita for Interior Decor

This indoor plant is ideal as a display for hanging shelves in the workspace, living room, or kitchen area. Pteridophytes will give coolness to the area. Caring for plants that are included in ferns is not difficult so you will not be inconvenienced. It is suitable for those of you who live alone.


Types of indoor plants are not only fixated on green leaves. You can also display flowers in shady colors for the area in your house. Lavender can be a good choice of indoor plants! This light purple flower can make your room look shady and cool. Plus, this lavender scent is not liked by insects, so it can be a natural mosquito repellent in your home.

Palm Trees

Palm trees are not only suitable for planting in large yards. A dwelling with high ceilings or plasterboard can also be an excellent area for placing palm trees as indoor plants. You can put the palm trees in a rather large pot, then place it in the corner of the room. That way, overall there is no unused area in your dwelling. The shape of palm trees which are large with its dark green color can make the house feel fresher.


Ornamental Mini Potted Plant Philodendron

Philodendron is a type of green leafy tropical plant with a variety of attractive shapes. One type of philodendron that is widely collected for being indoor plants is that of a betel plant. You can display it on your desk as encouragement when you are working or studying or put it on the living room table as decoration.


Do you want to decorate the living room in your residence to be luxurious with indoor plants? You can display roses as indoor plants to beautify and create an elegant impression in the living room area!

Put the roses in a pot or a rather large flower vase and put the pot on the coffee table, or put it together with a stand next to the living room sofa. Apart from being beautiful and colorful, indoor roses can also be natural air fresheners that will impress all guests when visiting your home.

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