Various Types of Purple Flowering Plant Ready to Beautify Your Garden

Sunday, October 17th, 2021 - Plant

Identical to elegant colors that look expensive and sweet, who can resist the beauty of purple flowers? As one of the most eye-catching colors, purple flowers consist of different types of flora so you have more choices.

For those of you who are interested in growing purple flowers at home, here are 11 recommendations for you. From subdued minimalist to exotic, it’s all there!


Famous for its aromatic fragrance, Lavender is a purple flowering plant with the official Latin name Lavandula Officinalis. The purple flower which is a type of flower from tropical Africa and also spread to India is often a favorite because of its properties. Besides being able to calm and make you fall asleep while sleeping, the aroma of Lavender is also effective in repelling mosquitoes. Very suitable, right to decorate your garden?

Leather flower

Leather flower also comes in pink, blue, and white. As the prima donna of flowering vines, the Clematis species is often referred to as the queen of the climbers. The height of this purple flower can reach 12 meters with a width of up to 1 meter. So, not only beautiful in terms of color, but the size of this purple flowering plant is also fantastic!


Native to the Americas, Asia and Europe, Vervain or verbena flowers are tiny with 5 petals on each flower. In addition to purple flowers, Verbena also has various colors, such as blue, white and pink. This purple flowering plant is quite tough and easy to thrive. Just make sure the soil conditions are not too wet so Verbena grows beautifully.


Having a shape similar to a bell, this purple flower also comes in white. However, bellflowers appear more often with exotic purple flowers. This purple flowering plant is a tough type, suitable for cultivation in the home garden area, containers, or to decorate the walls of the house.


Having the Latin name Salvia Splendens, this plant comes from Brazil, but has long been cultivated in several countries. At first glance it looks like Lavender. Its characteristics that live in the highlands make this purple flower quite resistant to sun exposure. In addition to the beautiful color, the jagged leaf edges also fascinate everyone with the unique purple color of Salvia.


Did you know, it turns out that the beautiful purple flower of the Wisteria comes from the legume family. The beauty of purple flowers plus an elegant name makes Wisteria much-loved as an ornamental plant. Wisteria can grow up to 25-30 meters to decorate high walls so that it can be used as a contemporary photo background. One of the most important things, this beautiful purple flower should not be consumed because it is poisonous.

Calla Lily

This purple flowering plant with a trumpet style extending upwards is called Calla Lily which is really ideal as an ornamental plant. In fact, thanks to its charming color and unique shape, this purple flower is often used for wedding bouquets or extravagant decorations.

Care for Calla Lily purple flowers is also not difficult. Just make sure the location is in a shady place and check regularly at the beginning of planting. After that, water only occasionally to keep the soil moist.


Included in the bush-type flowering plant with a group style, it is guaranteed that you will not regret if you have a hydrangea. Its easy-to-grow and long-lasting characteristics make it a favorite for ornamental plants in the home garden or as a bouquet. In addition to purple, Hydrangea can also appear in pink, red, blue and white.


Petunia purple flowers are characterized by their blooming and rather large petals. Besides being cute as a flower in a hanging pot, this purple flower can also grow beautifully in the yard of the house on the floor. With a darker color gradation in the middle, Petunias are also very weather resistant and easy to care for.


As beautiful as the name suggests, Fuchsia plants are sure to captivate anyone. The color is not exactly purple overall, but grades from a fuchsia pink color near the stems and petals to a deep purple color at the crown. With its attractive purple color, this flower will grow in a position like hanging upside down like a flower skirt with white accents and delicate pistils.


Crossbreeding between two varieties of red Pansies successfully gave birth to purple Pansies. This purple flower is a symbol of beauty and loyalty. Including the type that is easy to flower, just use a multipurpose fertilizer and always remove the damaged parts so that the purple Pansies can grow perfectly.

The eleven purple flowering plants above are very beautiful, aren’t they? Which type do you like the most? If you have found your choice, just look for it or buy the seeds at a plant shop. I hope this article inspires you.

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