these 9 fast growing vegetables are ready to harvest in regarding fastest growing fruits

Some Recommended Fastest-Growing Fruit Plants

Every day we are advised to eat fruit so that vitamin needs are always met. Fruit is easy to find in the market, but it would be even better if you could get it from your own yard. The reason is that fruit plants grown at home are guaranteed to be free of pesticides.

Fruit crops have different harvest times. For at home, of course, you have to choose one that is quick to harvest and easy to maintain. Here are 7 recommended fast-harvesting fruit plants that you can grow at home!


Oranges are rich in vitamin C. Several other citrus varieties are also useful for adding flavor to dishes. This fruit plant is mostly planted by the community. Not only is it easy to maintain, citrus fruit plants can also survive in pots. The conditions are easy, make sure watering and fertilizing are done regularly.

Rose Apple

Rose apples are delicious to eat. This fruit plant is of medium size. So, it is very suitable to decorate the corner of the garden or the edge of your house. The leaves are lush. Rose apple plants can be harvested 3 times a year. The care is easy, but you have to be wary of caterpillars and bats that stalk the fruit.


Still guava fruit, this time there are guavas that can be planted in pots. The fruit has a distinctive aroma and sweet taste. Guava is a powerful medicine for DHF patients. Plants belonging to this tabulampot should be placed in a warm area and get lots of sunlight. This fruit plant begins to bear fruit at the age of 2-3 years. However, plants cultivated by grafting can bear fruit more quickly, at the age of 6 months.


Do you like drinking tomato juice or adding tomatoes to your healthy diet? If so, you must plant tomatoes, yes. Growing this plant is easy and the chances of success are great. You just need to spread the tomato seeds in the pot. If properly cared for, this fruit plant will grow and bear fruit at the age of 3 months. The size of this plant is also small so it can be placed in any corner of the house.


Have a large yard? Maybe you are interested in planting mango trees. This fruit plant is quite often fruitful in a year. Mangoes are usually left hanging on the tree for 2 to 3 months, depending on the type. Mangoes that are ripe on the tree will taste sweeter and delicious to eat. It should be noted that the mango fruit plant is large and requires a distance of about 10 meters between other trees.


Soursop fruit plants are quite popular in many circles. The fruit is delicious to eat and the leaves are efficacious to reduce the risk of getting cancer. Soursop trees begin to bear fruit at the age of 2 to 3 years. Once harvested, you can get 20 to 30 soursop fruit. Soursop harvest season is usually at the beginning of the year.


This small fruit is suitable for those of you who want to garden on limited land. You only need to prepare a small pot with a diameter of at least 15 cm. This fruit plant is ready to be harvested after 2.5 months. Fifteen days after harvest, this plant will be ready to bear fruit again. This harvest cycle will stop after the plant reaches the age of 1.5 years. To thrive, make sure to place the potted strawberries in an area that gets lots of sun.

Apparently, there are many fruit plants that harvest quickly and can be grown at home. What fruit do you want to try first?

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