These 13 Hanging Ornamental Plants Are Suitable For Home Interior Decoration

Wednesday, June 23rd, 2021 - Hanging Plant

For those who live in urban areas, air pollution is a common thing to see every day. One solution is to put some minimalist hanging ornamental plants on the dwelling.

These plants will absorb toxins in the air as well as produce oxygen to produce clean air in the dwelling. Not only healthy, but this type of hanging plant is also sparing in terms of space. In addition, it is flexible in its placement. You can place it above a window, terrace, or fence wall as long as the place is able to provide sufficient sunlight.

Here are 13 types of hanging ornamental plants that are easy to place at home

Dischidia Geri

Dischidia Geri Hanging ornamental Plant

Dischidia Geri is a hanging ornamental plant which grew dangling. This type is perfect for indoor hanging ornamental plants that can give a beautiful and refreshing impression.


Small Tradescantia Hanging Plant

This hanging plant is identical with leaves with stripes of various colors such as purple, white, green, and silver. In addition, Tradescantia can grow in a variety of environmental conditions, but it is worth remembering to always take care of the roots. Even so, this live hanging flower is suitable for use as an indoor hanging plant. Don’t forget to water it!

Dischidia Nummularia Variegata

Hanging Dischidia Nummularia Variegata

Dischidia Nummularia Variegata is an indoor hanging decorative plant that is very easy to care for. And the plants can grow even in a small room.

Sedum Morganianum

Hanging Sedum Morganianum Small Ornamental indoor Plant

This type of hanging ornamental plant has similarities with cactus plants. Its nature requires a lot of sunlight, but a little water. This makes the Morganianum Sedum very easy to care for by its owner.

Some people named Sedum after the Grape Cactus. The shape is very unique, dangling down the charm of this ornamental plant. The color is pale green but still attractive, it can be combined with other hanging plants.

Creeping Charlie

This hanging plant is called Creeping Charlie. Native to parts of the South American continent, this ornamental plant has very fast-growing leaves. Simple shape, resembling mint leaves. However, it can spread so that it can be used as ornamental plants or vines for fences or garden walls.

Orchid Plant

Orchid Plant with hanging planter

This flower seems to have to fill the indoor hanging garden in your house. Its special and elegant appeal makes this type of hanging decorative flowers appear perfect in various situations. This type of minimalist hanging ornamental plant has a bloom period that exceeds the average duration of other flowers. For orchids can be 6 weeks per blooming period. Orchids are suitable for growing in the house, as a garden decoration in the house without requiring much maintenance.

Blaster Heart Betel

Sirih Blaster Heart Hanging Decorative Plant

Hanging ornamental plants Betel Blaster Heart really have a minimalist look. It is easy to care for and has a shape similar to a betel leaf in general, that is, it is heart shaped. As with Creeping Charlie, Blaster Heart is an ornamental plant that does not flower. Apart from the shape of the leaves, the attraction of this hanging hair plant is the green and white color of the leaves. This plant is often referred to as the Dutch Betel.

White Ivory Betel

white ivory betel

With leaf fibers that resemble a marble surface, this plant is an adorable choice as a hanging plant in your home. This hanging plant is suitable for all residential concepts.

Baby’s Tears Plant

Baby Tears Plant on Hanging Planter

This type of hanging ornamental plant is suitable for indoor space. The baby tears plant has tiny, fragile-looking leaves. Simply put in a location with low light conditions, your baby tears plant will remain lush in your indoor hanging garden, and will still grow in your home.


Wayfair hanging geranium flowering plant in basket

A type of hanging decorative flower, Geranium is also known as Crane’s Bill. Geranium plants can be found all over the world.

The attractive characteristic of geraniums is that they can appear in various colors such as red, white, pink, blue or purple. In addition, Geraniums can also grow up to 1.2 meters.

Duranta Erecta

Duranta Erecta Plant

With light green leaves coupled with striking purple flowers, it gives a soft touch of color when hanging this plant in your home.

Petunia Red Picotee

Petunia Red Picotee

The next choice of hanging ornamental plants is the Petunia Red Picotee. This ornamental plant has flowers that have wide petals. In addition, the color is very beautiful combined with the wide size and white on the edge of the flower.

Black-eyed Susan vine

Thunbergia Alata Plant for Indoor Hanging Plant

Black-eyed Susan Vine or can be called Thunbergia Alata is a hanging ornamental plant that flowers. The flower of this hanging ornamental plant has a black center with varying petals, from yellow, white, and red, so it is named “black-eyed”.

The most popular of the Black-eyed Susan Vine flowers is the yellowish flower because it is considered showy and matches its dark eyes. With dense leafy plants, these hanging vines are often applied to walls and fences of houses.

These Plants above are very beautiful, right? Which ornamental plants do you want to keep?

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