Relax in Garden with 7 Cool Hammocks!

Sunday, June 13th, 2021 - Hammock

Hammock Design Inspiration for Relaxing in Home Garden

Tired of just working and doing activities in house constantly? Maybe you need some relaxing time that can provide calm and fresh air. No need to go outside the house, but just relax in the garden using a hammock.

However, have you ever heard of the word hammock before? For those of you who are unfamiliar with the word, hammock is a hanging bed for relaxing in the form of string or cloth that is usually hung between two trees or poles, which the concept resembles a swing.

Hammock is synonymous with outdoor activities. Therefore, hammocks are often used in home garden to just relax. Sleeping on a hammock is very comfortable because you will feel calm and coolness. For designs or models that are very diverse, there are hammocks that are conventional in shape, some are modern. Well, for those of you who are interested in relaxing in home garden using hammock, let’s take a peek at seven hammock design ideas below!

Modern Hammock Design

Modern Trinity Triple Hammock

This modern hammock design is perfect for minimalist home gardens that do not have trees. This hammock is hung on a large, sturdy iron circle. and also, there are three big iron circles that come together so you can hang three hammocks at once.

In addition, in the middle of this modern hammock, there is a table that is also designed with a hanging model to put snacks, coffee, or reading books. Very exciting for chatting with family.

Patio Hammock with Canopy

Modern Patio Wooden hammock with canopy

Relaxing plans to get fresh air above the hammock can be annoying when there is hot sunlight. Instead of getting coolness, but the body actually feels hot and the skin becomes burned. However, do not worry because fortunately there is a hammock design that is equipped with a cloth on the top as a canopy or cover.

The framework shape resembles a half circle and uses wood material for furniture. Meanwhile, the canopy and hammock itself use the same material. The strength of this hammock is guaranteed because it is hung using an iron chain. Not only that, the size of this hammock is wide enough so that it can be used for two people.

Classic Net Cotton Rope Hammock

large Classic cotton rope hammock

Speaking of hammocks, we must not forget the classic net design. Even though it looks thin, this hammock net is able to support the weight of the human body. Some people are reluctant to use this model because it is difficult to climb and widen.

But calm, because you can add wooden poles on both sides of the hammock to hold the net, like the inspiration above. Or you can choose a rope hammock with a set of iron holder. As a result, hammocks are easier to ride and use to relax. Don’t forget, also add decorative pillows to make it more comfortable.

Rustic Hanging Patio Hammock

Rustic Patio Hammock for Home Garden

Limited garden area cannot prevent you from hanging a hammock. Try this rustic hammock! To hang this hammock, you only need one hanging hook on the porch ceiling or tree branch. After that, use a sturdy tree trunk to hang the two ends of the hammock fabric. Also add a large pillow on the fabric so that the hammock is more comfortable when occupied.

Boho-style Wool Hammock

Boho style Wool Patio hammock

Cool appearance and chic style can be realized with this boho-style hammock. The material used in this hammock is woven wool with a large hole pattern. Meanwhile, the boho style is also clearly visible on the bottom of the hammock which has a tassel so it looks even cooler. This model hammock is most fitting to be hung on gazebo poles with flower decorations.

Low Wooden Stand Hammock

Low Wooden Stand Hammock

Hammocks that are hung on trees often make people who are afraid of heights feel reluctant to try to use them, even though the hammock’s position is not too high. Now, as an alternative, you can use a hammock with a low wooden stand, like the inspiration above which at first glance looks like a ship. With this low model, you can put a coffee table next to it to enjoy a cup of coffee.

Despite having a stand, this hammock model can still swing as usual and is comfortable when used. In addition, this hammock model also does not take up much space in your little garden, even you can also place it on a minimalist patio.

Cotton Wide Size Hammock

Multiple Color Double Cotton Wide Hammock

In summer, it is best to relax while enjoying the breeze in the garden using a hammock. So, to be more flexible, you can use a wide size hammock. Choose soft cloth such as cotton fabric as hammock material so that you feel more comfortable when relaxing. Also, choose a brightly colored hammock fabric so it doesn’t easily absorb the sun’s heat. With this design, you will fall asleep on this hammock.

After seeing the inspiration for the hammock model above, which one do you like the most or fit in your home garden? Whatever hammock model you choose, make sure to attach it to a sturdy object and don’t hang it too far from the ground to make it easier to use. How, are you ready to relax in the garden with a hammock?

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