3 Simple Mini Greenhouse Designs Make Plants So Healthy!

Monday, June 14th, 2021 - Greenhouse

For those of you who like to grow plants at home, of course, really care about the condition and health of your favorite garden. Various methods are used to keep plants healthy. Starting from giving the best fertilizer to spending more money to make a green house.

The greenhouse is a plant protector in the form of a building like a mini cabin. The purpose of its manufacture is to help plant care to avoid erratic weather and bad substances in the air.

Greenhouses are often built on large scale plantations to avoid potential losses due to external disturbances. In fact, plants on plantations that are treated in greenhouses will grow better. Apparently, you can also make small greenhouses in your garden and yard.

Along with the development of the hobby of farming at home, many home owners have built it in the yard. Green house designs that are made in the market are also not half-hearted, full of aesthetics. The price is quite expensive, but the results obtained are satisfying and of course useful to protect favorite plants.

Hybrid Minimalist 6 x 6 Greenhouse

Palram Polycarbonate Minimalist 6 x 6 Greenhouse for Garden

This minimalist greenhouse is equipped with several excellent features. Among others are the sides are made of clear polycarbonate panels to let light in on the plants. While the roof, made of polycarbonate panels, which is a bit cloudy, aims to minimize the harmful UV rays.

The frames is made of powder coated aluminum which is rust resistant. This greenhouse is equipped with lockable door handles that are windproof. You can buy them at greenhouse stores for around £369.

4 Tier Greenhouse

Mini 4 tier modern simple greenhouse

The 4 tier greenhouse is perfect for those of you who don’t have a large enough area and still want a greenhouse. This is ideal for small backyards. You can place it flexibly as on a patio, terrace, balcony, or garden corner.

the sides are made of transparent polyethylene which allows the plants inside to be exposed to sunlight but still protected from the bad effects of UV rays.

The installation is very easy and simple even though the frame is very strong as it is made of strong push tubular steel and could be installed in minutes without any tools. You can own these greenhouses for a range of between US $ 7.00 – US $ 12.00.

Lean-To Double Mini Wall Mounted Greenhouse

Wall-mounted greenhouse is simple and doesn’t take up much space. Has skylights for good air circulation for your plants. This greenhouse has double-walled polycarbonate which functions to isolate your plants, and allows sunlight to spread all the plants spread, but still prevents the plants from burning. the advantage of using polycarbonate is its light weight so it is easy to move. This greenhouse is sold by Intergard for € 399.29. Or you can buy a greenhouse with the same design on other e-commerce like amazon, alibaba, and so on

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