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The design of the home office desk can affect your mood and productivity while working. Don’t leave your work desk cluttered so that your concentration is often distracted, especially during your Work From Home (WFH) activities. There are many Do It Yourself (DIY) workbench ideas that you can try so that they look more attractive and remain functional.

When you have free time, there’s nothing wrong with changing the atmosphere of work at home so that the new atmosphere is fresher and makes you excited. Let’s try to apply easy DIY for the following custom office desk.

Farmhouse Office Desk

For those of you who like a natural impression, you can use an agricultural office desk to enhance your workspace at home. This table is very simple and you can make it yourself at home. Use wooden blocks of the right size to produce the shape of the workbench as needed. The combination of black, white, and brown in this work desk design seems classic, simple, and not out of date.

Slab Floating Desk

The office table doesn’t have to be furniture consisting of four legs. You can make a floating workbench in the form of shelves equipped with reinforcing brackets at the ends. The work desk in the form of shelves is perfect for getting around a narrow room so that it remains artistic and does not interfere with your space. Try not to put heavy items so that your desk shelves are not easily damaged.

Office Desk with Compartment and Drawer

To get around the very limited size of the house, you can also try the DIY idea of a compartment workbench that has multiple functions. Apart from being a work table, the top can also be transformed as a storage area that can be opened and closed. Storing work equipment, important documents, or other objects will definitely be more practical.

L Shaped Office Desk

If you need a large office desk to place lots of items, an L-shaped work desk is a great choice for you. This office table can not only accommodate a lot of items, but also can save space capacity because it can be placed in the corner of the room. An L-shaped work table decoration can also be made in such a way as to make it seem simple and far from being cramped.

Murphy Office Desk

Murphy office table is a multifunctional furniture that you can make yourself at home. This DIY idea is a combination of a display rack and a desk. When the lid is folded, the murphy table will appear closed like a display rack on the wall. When the lid is opened, the magic shelf turns into a desk and you only need to add a chair. Thus, you can fold it into a wall shelf so that the interior of the house looks wider when you don’t need it.

Stand Up Office Desk

501/5000Sitting for long hours while working is prone to causing various health problems, such as neck muscle pain and spinal disorders. Therefore, you need to work around this by realizing a work desk design that can be used by standing (stand up desk). In addition to helping you stretch, working while standing will help you burn more calories. You can try DIY in the form of a small stand-up work desk that doesn’t take up too much space.

Butcher Block Office Desk

This DIY is preferred by many people for work desks because it seems simple and easy to combine with various home interior styles. The distinctive feature of the Butcher block workbench is its simple form, only in the form of a board which is not too big. Table legs can be made of small iron or pipe creations according to taste. This unique work desk decoration will make your home interior even more eye catching without being overly impressed.

Office Desk With Storage

If you have a lot of work-related items, it means you need an office desk consisting of several drawers and cabinets to function as storage. You can make this type of table yourself so that the size and storage area can be adjusted according to your needs. You can also adjust the color variants with your personal taste and harmony with the home interior.

So, which DIY workbench design idea is the most interesting for you? Come on, create a special work desk design so that WFH activities feel more enjoyable.

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