5 Multifunctional Work Desk to Increase Productivity

Tuesday, May 4th, 2021 - Desk

Multifunctional work desks are now sought after by those who live in apartments or boarding houses. Limited space makes multifunctional furniture an option because it doesn’t take up space.

Multifunctional furniture allows a piece of furniture to be used for two needs at once. In addition, multifunctional furniture can make a small room look wider because there are only a few items visible to the eye.

5 Multifunctional Work Desks for Small Rooms

So, if you are looking for a multi-functional desk, just look at the table options that we have selected below.

1. Laptop Table Mate

Black laptop table mate

This laptop table with a design that is easily folded and stored in a corner has an arrangement that allows you to choose the height of the table according to your wishes and needs. This table is made of iron so that it can even support the load of the laptop.

Because it is light and easy to move, you can use this table wherever you want. You can work in front of the TV, on bed, or anywhere you want. You can buy this product on a marketplace like Amazon or others.

2. Modern Minimalist Office Desk

This work table has a size slightly larger than the previous table, which which has a standard size 120x60x70. This table is made of multiplex material covered by a decosheet and legs made of hollow 3 × 3 iron.You can also put small potted plants or photographs so that your work area still looks personal.

3. Moana Coffee Table

Moana Minimalist Coffee Table

This table designed for coffee tables has a storage area underneath that can be used to store magazines or other items. In addition, this table can also be converted as a work table.

4. Office Desk with Storage

This table comes together with a storage cabinet that you can use to store books, magazines, or decorative plants to give your desk a personal impression. One piece of furniture can be used for two functions. Very suitable for those of you who live in minimalist rooms.

5. Portable Folding Desk

This folding table is suitable for those of you who want to work from bed. This table can be used for writing desks, drawing desks, and even laptop desks. This table material is also sturdy so that it can withstand large objects. This table design is also minimalist so that it still looks matching with other furniture in your room.

Those are 5 multifunctional work tables that can be used to work and store more items even though you only have a limited work area. Multifunctional furniture really makes your life easier.

Pictures gallery of 5 Multifunctional Work Desk to Increase Productivity

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  • Portable folding desk
  • Scandinavian Style Office Desk with Storage
  • Simple Minimalist Multifuctional Office Desk with Storage
  • Moana Minimalist Coffee Table
  • Minimalist work Table Black Color