6 Curtains Model Trends for Modern Homes in 2020

Monday, March 8th, 2021 - Curtain

Do you want to change the atmosphere of the room in your house to be fresher? One element of decoration in a house that can change the atmosphere of a room instantly is the curtains. There are several trends for curtain models that you can make a reference in 2020.

Curtains covering the windows or doors of the house, can make a big change to the whole interior. You only need to replace the old curtains with new materials and models to make the house look beautiful again. However, there are also many people who feel bored with the old model and want to try something new. So that you don’t get confused anymore, let’s see what references and models of room curtains are trending in 2020.

Minimalist White Curtain

Minimalist white curtains are always suitable to be applied to any home design. Not only beautifying the room, but minimalist style curtains can also reduce costs. In addition, white minimalist curtains can also give an elegant atmosphere to the house. Curtains with a minimalist style like this will be more suitable when applied to homes that are not directly facing the sun.

Apart from white, you can also choose other soft colors like gray, beige, or neutral colors. The light color will make the room feel more spacious and light can still enter the room dimly.

Portiere Curtains

One type of curtain that is trending in the interior world today is portiere curtains. The word portiere is actually taken from French, which is a hanging curtain that is placed over the door to give the room a luxurious and elegant impression. The pleated accent that is usually found at the top of the curtain gives a royal and luxurious impression.

Apart from being used as a door decoration, this curtain can also be used as a room divider for those of you who don’t want to use a permanent partition. Choose soft colors like cream, dusty blue, or light yellow to keep it up-to-date and not excessive.

Geometric Motif Curtain

Many people today really like modern geometric motifs. Geometric motifs are also applied to various elements of the house, from floors, walls, to accessories such as curtains. Geometric motifs with light basic colors will give the room a luxurious minimalist impression. Geometric decoration is a decoration that uses a variety of line elements. This minimalist curtain is suitable for application in a room with a simple interior because the geometric motifs will give the room a slightly crowded impression.

Striped Curtain

This one motif can be said to be a timeless motif because it can always be used at any time in various styles of interior design. Curtains with stripes will not only make the house look elegant, but also look fresh and modern. You can also choose minimalist motif curtains with different color combinations. This motif will make the room look more attractive and away from being monotonous. For a narrow room, you should use a vertical stripe motif to give the illusion of a wider and wider room.

Black Monochrome Curtains

Usually, many people stay away from black curtains because of their dark appearance. In fact, these black curtains will look very beautiful if they are installed in a house that raises the combination of monochrome colors in the interior. Black color is also very suitable to be applied in various room styles, including industrial, modern, minimalist, and so on.

Monochrome curtain for Minimalist Black and White Living Room Design

Black curtains without a motif will make the room feel spacious and also give a modern impression to the house. In addition, black curtains can also highlight the interior of the room and give an elegant impression.

Vitrase Curtain

Minimalist Ikea Alvine Spets vitrase curtain

Want to save energy and use less additional lighting? Even though it is used in closed conditions, sunlight can still enter optimally into the room with the vitrase curtain model. Vitrases are generally used as a base for curtains, but you can also use them without any coating to give your home a more modern look.

To choose a model that suits your home style and personality, you can try to follow the trends and curtain models that are currently being hit in 2020. You are free to be creative and customize the curtains with the furniture and the atmosphere you want to build in the room.

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