3 Advantages of Rattan Chairs and Some of The Design

Friday, April 2nd, 2021 - Chair

Advantages of Rattan Chairs

Home furniture in the form of chair has a variety of materials, one of which is rattan. Rattan itself is a kind of weed that is attached to the parent tree. Rattan chair material consists of natural and synthetic or artificial rattan.

Modern Rattan Dinning Chair Set

The type of natural rattan chair has very strong properties so you don’t need to be afraid of falling. Meanwhile, synthetic rattan chairs are superior in design, although their strength is not like natural rattan chairs. Well, in this article, we will discuss the advantages of rattan chairs and their diverse designs. The following are the advantages of rattan chairs that you should know about:

1. Lightweight, but Sturdy

In places with high levels of mobility, such as hotels and restaurants, rattan chairs are often chosen. This is because the rattan chair has a light weight so it is easy to move. Nevertheless, rattan chairs remain strong and not easily damaged, especially those made from natural materials.

Grey Modern Rattan Chair Set

In addition, rattan chairs are also able to provide a natural touch and the wicker adds aesthetic value. For additional information, often the rattan wicker chairs are a legacy from the rattan craftsmen.

2. Environmentally friendly

Compared to chairs made of wood that need to cut down trees to get raw materials, rattan chairs are more environmentally friendly. This is because rattan is a crop that can be cultivated so that the supply of raw materials will remain smooth without harming or damaging nature.

Woven Faux Rattan wicker Chairs with Cushions Set

3. Easy Maintenance

No need to bother to clean rattan chairs. This is because rattan chairs have characteristic that do not absorb water, in contrast to cleaning sofas that need to be washed if exposed to stains or spilled drinks. To clean a rattan chair, you only need to wipe or scrape the dirt that is already drying and sticking.

Various Designs of Rattan Chairs

The flexible nature of rattan makes rattan chairs have many design creations. In addition, handmade rattan chairs have a unique form of wicker so that it has own character that is ready to give beauty to the interior design of the house.

After you know the benefits of rattan chairs, it’s time you know the various designs of rattan chairs. Come on, just take a peek below.

1. Classic Rattan Chair

Nest lounge Classic rattan chair furniture set

Have you ever seen a rattan chair that looks like a peacock’s feathers in bloom? That is one example of a rattan chair with a classic design. Besides being relatively large, most of the classic-style rattan chairs are also almost entirely covered by rattan wicker. In fact, the frame of the chair was also clad in woven rattan.

2. Modern Rattan Chair

Chiswick modern Rattan wicker chair

Modern rattan chairs have a simpler design compared to classic style rattan chairs. Ergonomically, modern rattan chairs also feel more comfortable because they are more flexible and not stiff.

In general, the seat portion of a modern rattan chair is no longer covered by rattan wicker, but a cushion or pad in the form of a soft foam. Thus, anyone will feel comfortable when sitting on it.

3. Contemporary Style Rattan Chairs

Contemporary Rattan wicker chair

Basically, contemporary style rattan chairs are chairs whose designs are always up-to-date. This is characterized by a creative and minimalist design and efficient use of materials. Contemporary rattan chairs can come in a variety of colors. With its flexible material properties and craftsman expertise, rattan chairs can look more fancy.

After knowing the various advantages and designs of rattan chairs, are you interested in using it? If you choose a rattan chair to complement your house, you should keep it away from sun and rain water because it can make the rattan chair break easily.

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