These 6 Types of Beautiful Garden Flowering Plants are Ready to Decorate Your Garden

Saturday, September 18th, 2021 - Home Exterior Design

Various Kinds of Beautiful Garden Flowering Plants

Having a beautiful house with a beautiful yard is certainly a dream for many people, especially if it can be filled with beautiful flowering plants. Yes, the presence of flowering plants and supporting decorations will make the house look more alive and fresh.

Thanks to its ability to provide a natural and cool feel at home, flowering plants are often planted with various types. For reference, here are 6 types of beautiful flowering plants that you can grow at home.


Jasmine Beautiful Flowering Plant for Garden Decor

The beautiful garden flower that has often existed in the yard has a distinctive fragrance. Jasmine flowers are suitable for living in the tropics as well as in areas with warm temperatures.

This flowering plant which is known for its fragrance is also a favorite of many people in various countries because besides being beautiful, jasmine can also flower throughout the year. Care for jasmine plants is also not as complicated as one might think. Just make sure the garden media is loose enough, treated with regular pruning and watering, and the position gets enough sun exposure.


Outdoor Potted Hydrangea for Home Garden

Hortensia is an ornamental plant that is popular among flower lovers in various countries. Many say that this plant comes from China, Japan, Indonesia, and America, and is still universally cultivated.

The hallmark of the hydrangea is its beautiful and diverse colors. It usually consists of pink, blue, lavender, or a mixture of pink and blue. Cool again, the color can be adjusted according to the pH of the soil.

In addition to beautiful colors, the roots are also known to cure psoriasis, kidney stones, diabetes, and arthritis. Not to forget, hydrangea is also effective as a relaxing aromatherapy ingredient.


Lavender for Home Garden Plant

One of the most popular plants to put in the home garden, who doesn’t know lavender plants that have adorable purple flowers? Its distinctive color and unique plant shape make it suitable as a garden decoration that makes the yard or garden more attractive.

Lavender is also known to be effective in repelling mosquitoes. There have been many mosquito repellent products using lavender as the basic ingredient. Besides being used as a garden plant, lavender is also often used as aromatherapy to bring about a deeper sleep.

For lavender care, simply planted in direct sunlight. Meanwhile, watering is enough 2 times a week, with a good drainage system.


This is one of the flowering plants that are often planted in homes. This flower has a variety of colors that make it a favorite of residents. Its dense and lush nature is not only pleasing to the eye, but also very good for improving the quality of air and water to make it more pollution-free. Many people also make bougainvillea as a bonsai tree.

Another benefit of bougainvillea is that it can be used as a natural antibiotic, for example overcoming digestion and coughing. Just check the herbal recipe that you can make using bougainvillea easily.


Red Ashoka Ixora Plant

Ixora, often also called the Flame of the Wood because of its visuals that radiate beautifully like fire. Its unique and beautiful shape with group style makes ixora an attractive garden plant choice.

The owners of this garden flower can also enjoy the fragrant aroma at night, especially in the middle of the year. Sitting relaxed with a cup of tea or coffee while enjoying the view of the ixora flower must be really fun.


Zephyranthes Sulphurea Yellow Rain Lily Flowering Plant

Lily is one of the most popular types of flowering plants in the world. In fact, many have competed to cultivate it to its maximum size. The bigger the size, the more fragrant it smells.

The most popular and frequently encountered lily flowers are the white ones. However, there are also other colored lilies, such as purple, yellow, and pink. Not to forget, there is also a lily whose pattern is unique and expensive.

Those are the various types of flowering plants that you can present at home as multifunctional natural decorations, which are not only used to decorate the garden, but also are useful for other things. Come on, choose directly the garden flowers that you like.

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