Grain Bin Gazebo Ideas for Your Outdoor Activity

Sunday, June 20th, 2021 - Gazebo, Home Exterior Design

If you think that the grain bin is only for grain storage, then you completely need a new perspective. Turns out that grain bin usage is more than that. For example, you can build a grain bin gazebo using an unused or new grain bin. You still don’t believe it, do you?

An Eco-Friendly, Low Cost, and Easy to Build Grain Bin Gazebo

Today, people tend to use long-lasting, eco-friendly, and low-cost material for housing. Besides, recycle material such as an unused grain bin house is very popular among recycle lovers. It proves that building something from the wreckage is possible.

Most of the Grain bin usually made of steel. That is why it is durable, easy to dismantle, and environmentally friendly. Moreover, if you use it as a house or another purpose except for a grain bin house, it will last until 100 years.

Outside Diner on Grain Bin Gazebo

A grain bin gazebo is a solution for people who wants to have a gazebo but don’t want to fuzz about construction and budget. For example,  it costs you around $2150 – $13,000 for the new one depends on the size. But, if you live in a farm area, you can even get it for free or a cheap one around $30 per square foot

A gazebo made of grain bin resists to some circumstances such as hurricane, storms, or earthquake. Also, it needs no painting even though it will look dull by the time. But, it is okay because it will make your gazebo even more awesome in shabby look.

Mind-Blowing Grain Bin Gazebo Usage Ideas

A gazebo is a multipurpose building. So, you can utilize your gazebo in many things. Below are some references and ideas for a gazebo made of grain bin:

1. Backyard Patio

Backyard Patio Grain Bin Gazebo

A backyard patio is something you can gain from a usage grain bin. Although some of them may look a bit rusty, but that will make it more stunning. Simply add a bar stool and some potted plants around it. You can spend a hot summer day here drinking lemonade with your family or friends.

2. Summer Hangout Gazebo

Summer Hangout Grain Bin Gazebo

Transform a grain bin into a gazebo where you can spread your feet and lay your back on a couch. If you want to feel a warm summer breeze in your house, then building this one is strongly recommended. Don’t forget to decorate it with potted plants or flowers to make it cozier.

3. Outside Diner

Outside Diner with Grain Bin Gazebo

There is no other joy than having dinner outside surrounded by buzz and trees. If you worry that rain may be pouring, then building a gazebo is the solution. Therefore, the grain bin is a smart choice if you want to build your gazebo quickly.

4. Gazebo and Fire Pit

Grain Bin Gazebo with Fire Pit

Invite your friends and family to spend Saturday night gather surround a fire pit. Moreover, if you have a gazebo as an open kitchen, you can grill some chicken, sausage, bacon, and meat. The barbecue has never been this cool.

Since you have the above inspiration of what you can do with a grain bin gazebo, let’s not waste more time. Simply find an unused grain bin house, spread your imagination and creativity, and enjoy relaxing at your own gazebo.

Pictures gallery of Grain Bin Gazebo Ideas for Your Outdoor Activity

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