Small saucer magnolias for your home yard

If you want to plant ornamental trees in your garden, You have to think and pay attention to the seasons in your country and their changes every year. Start take a look at fresh-looking trees in spring and end with visually appealing trees in winter. The target is not only to own a set of good tree sample in the yard, but also to own leastwise one specimen for every single season which will beautify and add attractive visuals to your yard.

Spring Ornamental Trees

Magnolia Trees

Spring is the season when plants bloom again. You have the rest of the year to pay a lot of attention to the leafage of plants, the newness of plant’s incrustation, or the shape in which its twigs grow. But, when the snow begins to subside, of course you want your yard to be colorful. The magnolia tree is one of the most striking specimens. There are many different types of magnolias, however, the star magnolia which often blooms early and the saucer magnolia which have larger blooms are perfect for almost any season.

Apple Trees

To be able to plant an apple tree in the yard of the house, you do not need to be a farmer first. The apple tree is more than just a tree that produces fruit. It has a beautiful appearance that is suitable to decorate your yard. As for the fruit, it is a bonus for you to consume. If you don’t really care about the fruit, then crabapples are great for you to grow. It is a type of apple tree that can grow in zones 4 through 8. The tree has reddish-red flowers that can reach 20 to 25 feet in height.

Dogwood Trees

Perhaps, you want more than just a spring-flowering tree planted in your yard. Don’t worry, there are some specimens that can survive for more than one of the 4 seasons. An example is Dogwood trees, offering some interesting things for your yard. They are flowers that bloom in spring, colorful leaves in autumn, fruit in winter, which attracts wild birds to come, and attractive twig patterns all year around.

Summer Ornamental Trees

Japanese Maple Trees

Several Japanese maples (Acer palmatum) have their own charm in a distinct way. They still look beautiful both in the fall and also in the summer. When other trees have green leaves in the fall, their leaves are red. It is very interesting to plant in your yard.

Maidenhair Trees

Maidenhair Tree, commonly known as ginkgo biloba, is a tree that is pleasing to the eye. The shape and color of the leaves that are charming both in autumn and in summer, very attractive to people who pass by. In summer the leaves are green, and in autumn the leaves are golden yellow.

Ornamental Trees for Fall

Sugar Maple Trees

The Japanese maple may appear precocious, its bright and striking flower color will be seen in summer. Not only that, they can also be used as shade in summer. This tree has very impressive dimensions with a height of up to 80 feet or even higher and a width of up to 60 feet. Not only in summer, autumn flower colors are also very prominent. The reddish-orange color of the flowers can make your yard look bright, even on a cloudy autumn day.

Katsura Trees

Katsura Tree in fall foliage

For those of you who have a yard that is not too large, maybe a bigger tree is not always better. Large trees when planted in a small yard can block your yard space and pose a hazard. Thus, trees that are not too large are usually more suitable for such a yard. Katsura tree can be such an option. They are one of the specimens that have the best foliage color. Measures up to 30 feet high and 16 feet wide, with purplish-bronze spring leaves, turning greenish-bronze in summer, and orange-bronze in autumn, it will be very attractive to have in our yards.

Red Maple Trees

The downside of the wild red maple tree is that the fallen leaves are not always red. If that matters a lot to you, then choose a maple tree that has been cultivated, such as Autumn Blaze. In autumn, the fallen leaves turn red, making your yard more colorful. But you still have to clean it to look neat.

Ornamental Trees for Winter

Blue Spruce Trees

Landscape trees play a role in adding color and beautifying the appearance of your yard in every season. Meanwhile, in winter, the weather conditions are very harsh for plants. But when you choose the right plants, it won’t be a problem. When winter is extreme, that’s when your spruce shines. Therefore, the blue spruce trees are very suitable to grow in your yard.

Dwarf Alberta Spruce

Another type of spruce that is no less popular is the dwarf Alberta spruce. You may often see them in pairs flanking the door of the house as decoration. Many people treat them as container plants because of their relatively small size over the course of several years.

Those are some examples of trees that still look beautiful in several seasons. Hopefully something interests you.

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