9 Latest Modern Minimalist Home Terrace Ideas, Sitting Relax While Drinking Coffee Becomes More Enjoyable

Saturday, September 25th, 2021 - Gazebo, Home Exterior Design

Contemporary Minimalist Home Terrace Design Inspiration

For those of you who often spend time at home, it’s definitely fun to have a homey modern minimalist terrace. In this area, many activities can be done, ranging from relaxing, gardening, drying clothes, or reading a book while enjoying coffee.

Although not the most essential area in a dwelling, however, the terrace of the house must still be designed as good as possible in order to provide comfort and harmony with the overall concept of the house. Well, to enjoy it even more, first check the inspiration for the latest beautiful and cool modern minimalist terrace design below!

Multifunctional Modern Minimalist House Terrace

Minimalist Terrace Design with Pergola Gazebo

Dominated by all-natural wood elements, this modern minimalist terrace comes on a special platform. Combined with a steel pergola and a roof that can be opened and closed, the function of this terrace is maximized and multifunctional. Besides being able to be used personally with family, it can also be used as an area to entertain guests.

Space-saving Picnic Table design

Wooden concrete space saving garden table and benches

There’s no need to worry about designing a modern minimalist terrace for a small house because it can be managed with space-saving solutions using a super practical folding picnic table set. By choosing a table that can be folded and easily moved, the atmosphere of gathering becomes even more fun. So that the terrace of a modern minimalist house becomes more aesthetic, you can also add a special carpet for the outdoor area.

Modern Elegant Minimalist Home Terrace Style

For those who want to go all-out, immediately try a more elegant modern minimalist terrace style. By choosing a comfortable recliner, plus a hanging swing, the terrace of a modern minimalist house will be comfortable to sit on all day. This area is also multifunctional because it can be used as a barbecue place on weekends.

Terrace Landscape With Japanese Style

Japandi Style Landscape Terrace

For those of you who carry the trending Japandi style, the terrace of the house must also be given a touch of Japandi so that it is in harmony. It’s like having your own cafe, let the modern minimalist terrace design blend perfectly with the existing landscape. Add green furniture and decorations, and that’s it!

More Cheerful with Bright Colors

Bright Colors Small Terrace

Modern minimalist home terraces don’t always have to be all elegant in style. Giving a touch of soft and bright colors can also add to the aesthetics of a modern minimalist home terrace. With a more cheerful feel, the inspiration for this modern minimalist terrace also emphasizes a relaxed and natural impression.

Gazebo on the Terrace

Modern Minimalist Wooden Gazebo

For those of you who are happy with local wisdom, you can really present a modern minimalist terrace with its own style. Choose a gazebo style that is more cool and comfortable for relaxing. Even more so if you use a wooden gazebo, in order to create a more natural environment. Not only for the front, this idea is also fun to apply to the patio.

Partitions Make Terrace Arrangement Easy

Terrace Wooden Partion

Confused about how to determine the boundary between the house and the terrace? Just look at the idea of placing space-saving partitions and matching furniture that makes the atmosphere cool. With this partition, the terrace seems to be a separate area of the house building. Just add some greenery or colorful flowering plants. You can also add a koi pond beside it to accompany you to drink coffee to make it more fun.

A Little Traditional Touch

Japanese Terrace Traditional Touch Design

Modern minimalist terraces can also be given elements of a traditional style. You can imitate a touch of traditional Japanese style with a choice of canopies, window frames, and furniture, which are dominated by wood. In addition, the green plants beside the terrace also make the atmosphere more natural.

This terrace style is very comfortable and also suitable for Japanese-style residences. You can add various matching decorations or bonsai plants around it to spoil the eyes. That way the gathering with the family will be more exciting.

Space-saving Terrace Solution for Everyone

Space Saving Terrace Ideas

Don’t have an additional area to create a modern minimalist terrace? You can really use the remaining space on the balcony. Simply presenting sweet furniture such as a pair of soft chairs and a minimalist table, immediately the balcony turns into a multifunction as a modern minimalist terrace. However, make sure you still choose furniture or furniture that is resistant to outdoor weather.

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