7 Inspirations of Beautiful and Charming Home Terrace

Thursday, June 24th, 2021 - Home Exterior Design

When there are guests visiting the house, the main thing of concern is of course the terrace of the house. Located at the front of the house, the terrace is certainly the most striking part. In fact, the first impression by guests who come to the house usually comes from this area. Therefore, homeowners must design the terrace properly and not carelessly.

Making a house terrace to look aesthetic and charming is not as difficult as one might imagine. There are many home terrace designs that can be used as inspiration, including in this article. If you are looking for inspiration for a beautiful terrace, let’s look at the reviews below!

Modern Home Terrace

Modern Home Terrace Design

The modern terrace design like the one in the picture above looks together with the garage area. The addition of yellow light makes the patio area feel warm. Then, the placement of the stairs facing the glass wall makes this terrace look more artistic.

Minimalist House Terrace

Smelynes Minimalist House Terrace Lithuania

This terrace inspiration is perfect for a minimalist house or apartment. The dominating elements of wood and rattan make this terrace so warm and very rustic.

Decorated with 3 minimalist chairs, you can make this area a place to relax. Do not forget, use ornamental plants as decorations so that the terrace becomes livelier and fresher.

Luxury Home Terrace

luxury home terrace design

The feel of luxury is felt in the inspiration of this terrace. The combination of wood and exposed concrete on this terrace makes it look very elegant.

The existence of a pool, plants, and lights that surround it, make relaxing on there even more enjoyable. Put lots of sofas so you can accommodate many guests in this area.

Wooden Home Terrace Design

wooden home terrace design

If you have a house that is in a beautiful and tropical area, this terrace design is very suitable to be applied in your home. The combination of wooden floors, concrete walls, and large glass on this terrace makes this area look charming. Coupled with towering trees, make this terrace feels shady and cool.

Although dominated by wooden elements, the impression of luxury is very attached to the terrace of this beautiful house. Add a set of wooden chairs there for a relaxing area, eating together, as well as chatting with guests or family.

White Terrace Design

White Terrace Design for Modern Home

Use white as the base color for the house and terrace floor. The white color can make a minimalist building more spacious and clean.

The modern and elegant impression dominates the terrace in the full white building. The use of white sofas and a white wooden pergola is the perfect furniture for this beautiful terrace. The touch of some plants makes this terrace feel beautiful.

Industrial Style Terrace Design

Industrial Style Terrace Design

The combination of minimalist and industrial buildings is evident in the inspiration of the terrace above. This can be seen from the application of wood and stone on this terrace.

The walls of the house made of wood and exposed bricks add to the aesthetic value of this industrial house.

Black House Terrace

Black House Terrace Design

Who says the terrace of the house can only use bright colors like brown, white, light gray, or only cream? A porch design with black domination like the picture above can be a unique, interesting, and eccentric inspiration.
Those are some house terrace ideas. Hopefully the information above is useful

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