All-White Modern Minimalist Home Exterior Design

Minimalist House Design that Makes People Amazed

Identical to the design that is very simple, the look of a minimalist home always makes people amazed. Moreover, architecture is currently experiencing developments so that minimalist home designs are increasingly diverse and not monotonous.

In this article, we will share six minimalist home inspirations that you can apply when you want to build a dream home. Your house will appear more prominent and ready to steal the attention of those who see it.

All-White Minimalist Home Design

Dominated by white, the look of this minimalist home design is very eye-catching. Not only because of the white color that is able to create the impression of clean and neat, but also the symmetrical shape of the building structure also looks very aesthetic and modern.

If you are interested in imitating this minimalist home design, you can also combine other elements, such as iron, wood, and plants to add a natural impression. This design is very suitable for small house with limited land.

Minimalist Wooden House Design

Many people are reluctant to use minimalist home concept because it seems monotonous and rigid. However, you can innovate in a minimalist home by applying wood material as the main part of the facade of the house, creating a warm and natural feel.

Modern Asymmetrical Home Design

In addition to choosing unique materials, you can also design roof patterns and shapes, so that, it looks eccentric and does not seem boring. One of them, you can design the structure of the house in asymmetrical shape, like the picture above.

You can add several lights at strategic points, both inside and outside the house so that when viewed from the outside at night, this minimalist home is very bright. Thus, the appearance of this house is not just unique, but also seems very dynamic and charming.

Minimalist Home Design with Exposed Concrete

If you want to create a minimalist home without being equipped with intricate ornaments, you can adopt designs like in the picture above. Not only has very simple building structure, but also the use of exposed concrete material throughout the entire building has also succeeded in creating an aesthetic, modern, and cold impression. Not only that, the budget for the construction of houses like this can be minimized because exposed concrete walls do not require finishing with a coat of paint.

Japanese Minimalist Home Design

Japanese traditional residential design is also very suitable to be combined with minimalist home designs, such as this one. The geometric shape of the structure of this house looks very integrated with the wooden elements in the windows, doors and floors.

Besides being able to create a warm atmosphere inside the house, the adoption of this Japanese-style house can also minimize electrical energy during the day. This is because the use of large windows is very effective to optimize the flow of air and light into the house.

To get a more beautiful and lively feel, you can try adding Japanese grass to the front. If it still feels empty, add a patio chair to relax in the afternoon.

Brick and Wood House Design

Appear unique and different from other home in general, this house combines brick and wood material on the exterior. Not just giving a warm impression, this home is also ready to provide comfort because it is also combined with large window openings to maximize natural light sources.

Not only that, on the side, there is also a mini-sized garden. You can plant various types of plants. Thus, this minimalist house looks very beautiful and more lively. You can also add some garden lights as lighting at night.

Having a very simple look, the six home designs above are ready to provide extra comfort and new inspiration in your environment because of the very attractive and neat design. Don’t forget to complete the home interior that you made with various furniture, household appliances, and decorations.

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