5 Small Garden Ideas For Your Home

Sunday, June 20th, 2021 - Home Exterior Design

Did you know that gardening can have a good impact on life? Some of them are the house becomes shady, home gardens make oxygen quality maintained, the home environment becomes more beautiful, and reducing stress due to exhausting daily routines.

Judging from the benefits earlier, surely everyone wants to have their own home garden. But what if the area of the house is quite small? Possibly you ought to be imaginative and make a little home nursery that remaining parts wonderful like a portion of the accompanying home nursery thoughts!

1. Small house garden with table chair set

Mini Backyard Patio Garden

This one home garden leaves little room in which to place tables and chairs. All plants are placed near the wall and you can also place small vertical plants that adorn the walls. This neat little house garden is very suitable to be used as a place to enjoy tea and snacks in the morning or afternoon

2. Beautiful vines and lights Home Garden

small patio decor ideas with beautiful vines and light

Crazy about tumblr-style design? Then try this home garden design idea. In every corner of this house garden there are vines combined with yellow tumblr lights.

For the choice of vines, use a annual honesty or grass jelly plants that when it’s thick will take a few strands to be used as grass jelly dishes. Add a seat, carpet or small table to relax in the night with your beloved family.

3. Hydroponic home gardens

Minimalist hydroponic garden

The following home garden is suitable for you who want to have your own vegetable plants at home. That way you can save on your budget and be free from pesticide-contaminated vegetables.

Planting vegetable in a hydroponic garden basically does not require soil media, however it requires water that is flowed at certain times. Home gardens like this do not need much space because you can arrange them in stages using wall shelves or hanging on the wall.

Some of the plants suitable for this hydroponic home garden are mustard greens, Chinese broccoli or Chinese kale, beans, green lettuce, spinach, kale, broccoli, chili, eggplant, tomatoes, and strawberries.

4. Backyard Succulent Garden Ideas

Mini cactus does not always have to be placed in a pot, you can use it as a plant in a small home garden. Its small size certainly will not require much space in the home garden.

Backyard or front yard Succulent Garden Ideas

Combine all the cactus with rocks and stone paths to make it look beautiful and does not require extra care. This one home garden is suitable for a minimalist style house or a Mediterranean house.

5. Home garden for truly limited land

Pots on a Pallet vertical planter mini home garden

When home space is so limited that you have difficulty arranging plants on the ground, switch to a vertical home garden like this. Use a board as a place to hang small pots filled with various plants and beautiful hanging decorative flowers.

It turns out that having a home garden in a limited area is not difficult as long as you have the intention and want to be creative. Find the need for your dream home easily here. Congratulations on bringing your dream home garden!

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