7 Best Ideas of Ornamental Grasses for Garden Decoration

Friday, September 10th, 2021 - Gardening Tips and Tricks

If you are the type of person who likes strong plants and beautiful appearance, then nothing beats ornamental grass in this regard. Unlike ordinary grass, which people want to cut, ornamental grass tends to be planted and allowed to grow to decorate the garden. Once you choose ornamental grass as landscape architecture, you will be amazed by the wide variety of colors, sizes, and shapes. Below are some types of ornamental grass that can be a reference for planting in your garden.

Blue Fescue

blue fescue ornamental grass landscaping

Blue Fescue is a type of grass that can grow quite tall. Actually Blue Fescue is planted like grass in general, such as the clumping tall fascue. Grass fascue is classified as tall fascue. In the 19th century, the seeds were brought from the United States to Europe.

In the ornamental grass world, fescue is considered a low-growing plant and many people use it as a ground cover, yard divider, or edge. There are several ornamental fescue that are also popular besides the blue fescue, including the California fescue (Festuca californica), atlas fescue (Festuca mairei), and sheep fescue (Festuca ovina).

Blue Fescue can be grown in soil with dry to moderate moisture and has a good drainage system. You should plant it in a place that is exposed to sunlight.

Mexican Feather Grass

Mexican Feather Grass for Ornamental Plant for Garden

You may often see Mexican feather grass in parks or on city streets. Not infrequently you even find it on the green roof of the house. Its feather-like seeds swayed in the breeze.

Place Mexican Feather Grass in a sunny place. This grass will survive even in dry conditions, and it will thrive once it is cut. But once in a while you also have to wet the soil. Some people classify this grass as invasive. But this grass is beautiful when you put it in the garden or yard, especially when the breeze blows.

Japanese Forest Grass

This grass, which comes from the surrounding Mount Hakone area in Japan, is very exotic and beautiful for garden decoration. This grass is very popular among garden lovers, because it has a clumpy shape and bright and striking color. You can recognize this grass by its slender stems, its leaves are golden green like young bamboo stalks. You can pair this grass with dark greenery or other contrasting colors. This grass requires regular watering once a week and shade from the sun.

Zebra Grass

Zebra Grass for Garden Decor

Zebra grass or in botany has the name Miscanthus sinensis Zebrinus. Some people also call it porcupine grass. In winter this grass will wither, then it will be upright and beautiful with its green and pale yellow color in spring. It can reach over 5 feet in height and 5 feet in width.

You can be creative by pairing this grass with other plants such as roses, bougainvillea, hibiscus, canna, or others to produce a garden that looks tropical, charming, and striking.


bamboo on pots for Garden Decor

Many people do not know that bamboo is actually a member of the grass family. During the first growing season, bamboo requires regular watering so that its root system can be developed deeply and extensively. Then it will sprout and spread very quickly.

In general, bamboo grows in warm climates, but there are some bamboos that can survive in cold areas, such as Spectabilis, Nuda, Bisetti, and Giant Leaf. These bamboos can remain green even in zone 5, where most bamboos often die in that zone, although the roots persist.

Purple Fountain Grass

Potted Purple Fountain Grass for Garden Decor

There have been many home gardens or home yards that use this plant as a landscaping plant. The shape of the leaves are beautiful like a fountain, hairy, and reddish-purple color makes it pleasing to the eye from afar or up close. This grass is difficult to live in zone 9. When grown in very cold areas, it only becomes an annual plant.

This grass can reach a height of 2 to 5 feet and a width of 2 to 4 feet. Sun exposure is needed for growth. And you have to keep the soil moist, not too waterlogged, so it needs good drainage.

Pink Muhly Grass

Pink Muhly Grass for Home Garden Decor

You can call Pink Muhly Grass by several other names such as mist grass, hairawn muhly, sweetgrass, and gulf muhlygrass, while the botanical name is Muhlenbergia capillaris. Many people are attracted to plant it in the garden because it has flowers that are like feathers. The plumage is a striking pink color which will make a lot of visual impact for the garden.

For treatment, you need to place it in soil with moderate moisture. You can choose sandy or rocky soil. Make sure the planting site has good drainage and is exposed to sunlight.

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