6 Fast-Growing Vegetable crops You Can Harvest Quickly

Monday, June 14th, 2021 - Gardening Tips and Tricks

Types of Vegetables that Quickly Harvest At Home

At present, people are encouraged to do social distancing by staying at home for more than 14 days because of the COVID-19 outbreak. At times like this, maybe you will find it difficult to find food for fear of contracting the COVID-19 virus when going outside the home. However, don’t worry because there are fast-harvesting vegetable crops that are easily planted and can be planted in your garden.

This plant not only harvests quickly, but also you can check its growth periodically at home. Well, curious what kind of fast-harvesting vegetable crops can be planted at home? In the following, we will share six fast-harvest vegetable crops that you deserve to try.

Water Spinach

Water Spinach Plant

You are surely familiar with water spinach plants, aren’t you? This plant is one of the most commonly found in various regions and is a favorite lunch menu that is often served by housewives. The technique of growing water spinach plants is very simple and easy. First of all, you can choose the type of ground water spinach to harvest faster.

After that, do the spread of sterile water spinach seeds on planting media that has been loose. Also follow with fertilization, watering, and maintenancing to eradicate weeds regularly. Water spinach plants can harvest with an average time of 25 days.

Salad Plant

Fresh organic green leaves lettuce salad plant in hydroponics ve
Fresh organic green leaves lettuce salad plant in hydroponics vegetables farm system

For those of you who like to eat salads, try to plant lettuce at home. Lettuce is often planted conventionally and hydroponically. This vegetable plant takes about 20-30 days to finally harvest.

Prepare quality lettuce seeds and planting media along with the fertilizer. For the container, it is recommended you use a plant pot that has been perforated at the bottom so that the lettuce plants can flourish. Don’t forget to water twice a day.

Spinach Plant

Spinach Leaves from home Garden

Organic spinach plants can be ready to be harvested in just 15 days, provided you plant them properly. Spinach plants can grow optimally when exposed to adequate sun exposure, not less than seven hours every day.

In addition, this vegetable plant also requires proper plant care. Therefore, you should do the proper watering, which is twice a day during the sprouts and once a day until growing up. Do not forget, also optimize by providing basic fertilizer and supplementary fertilizer on this plant.

Green Caisim

Green caisim is a type of plant that can grow anywhere, including your minimalist home garden. Its ability to grow is quite easy, provided there is enough water. In addition, the cultivation of green caisim is not so concerned with temperature.

Green Caisim Plant

However, indeed to support the harvest, these types of vegetable plants still have to get enough sunlight. On average, this green caisim can be harvested in a period of 40-45 days. When harvested, these vegetable plants are very fresh and can be consumed according to family recipes.

Garlic Plant

How to Grow Garlic on Home Garden

Not yet valid if there is no onion kitchen spices in the healthy food menu. Garlic can be planted simply in your house. The trick is to provide a small pot, then add a few pieces of the bottom of garlic that is still rooted. After that, pile with soil until it closes evenly and perfectly, then flush with enough water. Within a matter of a few days, you can enjoy garlic.

Radish Plant

Radish Plant For Home Garden

Some types of radish plants can be harvested in only three weeks. Uniquely, this radish vegetable plant only requires a little land in your garden. You can try planting white radish to get the benefits of the nutritional content in the form of multivitamin and also beta carotene.

In the process of planting, you can use polybags for breeding. After that, move it to the soil with a little distance so that radish plants can be fertile and optimal.

That’s six fast-harvest vegetable crops that you can plant at home. Thus, during this social distancing period, you will not be short of vegetable stock because you can directly harvest it in your home garden.

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