5 Ways to Get Rid of Caterpillars on Your Garden Plants

Tuesday, May 11th, 2021 - Gardening Tips and Tricks

Effective Tips and Tricks to Get Rid of Caterpillars at Home

Caterpillars are basically insects that are harmless. However, the presence of caterpillars at garden will certainly be very disturbing and in some cases, caterpillars can also leave skin problems, such as rashes or itching.

In addition, the presence of caterpillars can also damage a variety of your favorite plants, both those in the yard or plants in the house. To prevent all these bad possibilities from happening, the following we will share how to eradicate caterpillars from garden that you can do.

Inspection and Manual Cleaning

To eradicate caterpillars that have begun to enter the house, use a broom to effectively expel them. Check house exterior and interior at least once a day to determine whether there are caterpillars on the wall or not. If present, drop the caterpillar immediately. Dropping a caterpillar from a wall can prevent the sticky liquid left behind from staining your house.

Also use a clean broom on the window and door frame. Check whether there are caterpillars that stick to furniture, table surfaces, and all areas of the house. Do not miss the spots that are favorite places for caterpillars, such as ornamental plants in house or garden. Make sure that none of the caterpillars are left at home. Although it seems troublesome, this manual cleaning is very effective in preventing damage that could potentially be caused by caterpillars.

Check Outside of Your House

Throw all the caterpillars you find into a trash bag, cover tightly and throw into the trash. After that, continue to check the cocoons that may be lodged in the outside of the house. If you find the cocoon, collect all of them along with the caterpillars that have been captured, then throw them into a trash can far from the area of the house. For maximum results in eradicating caterpillars, you can bury them.

Use Insecticide

using organic pesticide for home garden

The next method of eradicating caterpillars is to be more preventive, namely by using insecticides. You can start spraying it from areas that are most vulnerable to attacked by caterpillars, such as ground floor of your house according to the recommended method of use. For the outside of the house, the use of insecticides can be sprayed on the plant in sufficient dosages.

Make Your Garden Attractive

birdhouse in the yard for Attractive Home Garden Ideas

To control the attack of caterpillars naturally, use the help of birds. This animal is very effective for controlling caterpillars. Therefore, it is very important to make the garden or yard more beautiful and attractive so that birds are interested in playing in the area and caterpillars can be more controlled. You can try putting small fountain decorations or bird baits. Besides birds, chickens can also be used as a way to eradicate caterpillars from your garden.

Use Oil on the Corner of Your House

Engine oil or lubricants can be used to repel caterpillars. This is because caterpillars do not like the pungent odor and sticky texture of oil so they will avoid it. Therefore, try to apply oil to every corner of house as needed to reduce the spread of caterpillars.

Creative Design for Small Home Garden Ideas

The strategy of using oil to eradicate the caterpillar is quite effective, but it must be ensured that there are no children or pets in the house who approach or touch the oil. Prioritize the safety of family members in choosing the right method of eradicating caterpillars.

Well, it’s not difficult how to get rid of caterpillars above, is it? Of all the methods, which have you tried? Remember, although the average caterpillar is not dangerous, do not take the risk by allowing the breeding, both outside and inside your house. Good luck trying to eradicate the caterpillars above!

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