various types of moon orchids

Decorating a house with flowers will indeed be very beautiful. Arranging flowers is indeed difficult, but not impossible. If you are afraid of failure, for the first time, maybe you can wear white flowers. What’s more, there are various types of white flowers that you can choose from.

There are many types of beautiful white flower plants. Even though the colors are not flashy, the models usually still look beautiful. So don’t underestimate the neutral colors.

Beautiful and attractive types of white flower plants as decorations at home

Before decorating your house with various types of white flowers, it’s better to read this article first to learn it. You can also find out the various meanings of these flowers. So not only does it look beautiful, but your decoration is even more meaningful.

1. Moon Orchid

Before getting any further glances at the other white flowers, we must start with Indonesia’s national flower. The Moon Orchid is one of the Indonesia’s national flowers which is called “puspa pesona” or flower of charm in english because of its beauty.

Indonesia is a country that has various types of orchids and one of the original orchids from Indonesia is Phalaenopsis amabilis, or the Moon Orchid which originates from West Kalimantan.

This flower is called the moon orchid because of its color like the moon at night. Generally, the Moon Orchid is white with white and red hues in it.

To care for it, you don’t need to put it under the sun. The Moon Orchid only needs about 4 hours of sun a day, so it can be displayed indoors easily!

2. Jasmine

After orchids, now we will look at white jasmine flowers. The white jasmine flower, which is considered the “puspa bangsa” or nation’s flower in english, is Indonesia’s main national flower.

The small flower called Latin Jasminum sambac is one of the flowers that is often incorporated into culture and major events in Indonesia, including weddings because of its aroma. There are also many functions of Jasmine, some of which can be used as interior decoration of the house. If as a home decoration, the entire room will smell good.

3. Shoeblackplant

Shoeblackplant (Hibiscus rosasinensis) is a shrub that grows in tropical and subtropical areas. This flower is often found everywhere and has many benefits. White hibiscus flowers are also a beautiful display when placed indoors.

Fyi, this flower is edible. Sometimes used for cooking or giving flavor to drinks. This flower has a symbol of gentle beauty due to its rarity in Europe.

Not only beautiful for display at home, this flower is also rich in benefits from its roots, stems, leaves, and crown, especially for health. One of the benefits is to prevent high blood pressure and improve blood flow. That’s really great, isn’t it?

4. Gardenia

Gardenia or Kacapiring (Gardenia jasminoides) is one of the flowers that is often grown at home. The leaves are very dark in color and contrast from the flowers which are white and fragrant. Gardenia looks like jasmine, but it has nothing to do with it. Not only beautiful to look at, but the leaves can be used as a canker sore and the roots can be used as medicine.

5. Carnation

Carnations are very popular houseplants. This plant can be up to 1-2 meters high and the piled petals look very beautiful. Although there are many color choices, it turns out that white carnations are also beautiful as home decorations.

Actually, this flower plant is from the Mediterranean so it holds in hot places. However, you must regularly water these plants at home because Carnations need a damp surface. Unfortunately the aroma of this flower is rather unpleasant. Fyi, if you have white carnations, you can change the color by just dropping them with food coloring.

6. Amaryllis

You may often see this flower on the side of the road, right? Amaryllis is a flower that is quite easy to find. This flower is usually bred in gardens or in pots for indoors. There are lots of color choices, including red, orange, white, pink, etc.

This flower is very tall and can stand out, the petals are also shaped like a trumpet that symbolizes pride and splendor. This flower usually blooms before the rainy season.

Amaryllis is a distant relative of Lily, therefore the shape is somewhat similar. Yes, your house will look beautiful if you have white Amarilis! However, this flower is dangerous to consume before processing. So keep it out of reach of children and pets.

7. Dahlia

Dahlia is a flower that comes from Mexico and flowers in summer and fall. This flower is also an annual herbaceous plant.

The color of Dahlias is so bright and dazzlingly beautiful that it is very popular as a potted plant and cut flower. However, don’t worry, the white Dahlia also looks amazing because of its stacked crown. The flowers size can be large or small.

Usually, here, Dahlia is defined as an elegant character. If you plant it in a pot, make sure you water the flowers regularly and place them in the sun.

8. Hydrangea

Hydrangeas are also often referred to as Hortensia, flower bowl, or masamba flower. This flower comes from Asia, some are in the form of shrubs or vines. This flower is durable throughout the year and is a favorite for potted plants and ornamental plants in the house.

This flower is compound and grows from the tip of the stalk to form a rounded series, so when displayed it must be very beautiful. Hydrangea colors range from white, blue, and pink, but actually the color of this flower depends on the soil pH. Some people say, white Hydrangea seeds do not change color easily. Hydrangea itself means thanks, sincere feelings and apologies. Therefore, this flower is often used in weddings and as gifts.

9. Transvaal daisy (Herbras)

Herbras or Gerbera (Transvaal daisy) which is also called Daisy is a flower that is easily found in florists and is very popular for trading. This flower is a shrub that grows throughout the year and was originally found in South Africa.

There are many interesting colors, starting from white, orange, red, yellow, and so on. But the white Daisy is very popular. There are about 40 types of Herbras in the world, and there are several that are cross-produced.

This flower is suitable for tropical air and can adapt to the high and lowlands. The price of this flower is inexpensive, so it is suitable for display at home.

10. Gladiolus

Gladiolus is a flower that is cultivated in several countries and is very well known as a cut crop. This flower is shaped like a small sword so it is sometimes referred to as a sword flower, especially in its home country, South Africa.

Gladiolus is very durable. So if cut with the right technique and timing, this flower can be very durable. This flower has a very beautiful appearance. However, some of the most beautiful flowers are the Gladiolus White Goddess and the Priscilla Gladiolus which are both white. Gladiolus stands for loyalty, integrity and the feeling of being in love. White gladiolus is very popular for weddings.

It turns out that there are lots of beautiful white flowers, right? You can make these flowers as home decorations in various ways. Now, you don’t need to match house paint colors with flowers because this simple color can be used anywhere!

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