Make the Atmosphere More Lively with 9 Plants for a Beautiful Kitchen

Wednesday, November 4th, 2020 - Kitchen, Ornamental Plant
basil Herbal Plant for Kitchen Decor

Room decoration is not only seen from the aesthetic side but also the quality of the air in the room. One way to make a room always beautiful is to add plants in the room. Apart from the family room and bathroom, you can also...

  • Hanging Potted Hedera helix for Kitchen Decor
  • Potted Jasmine for Ornamental Plant in Kitchen
  • African violets Flower Plant for Kitchen Decor
  • Cactus Collection for Indoor Plant

7 Ornamental Plants for a More Natural Living Room Decoration

Wednesday, October 21st, 2020 - Living Room, Ornamental Plant
Large Philodendron in Decorative Pot

Ornamental plants at home have always been identically used as decorations on the exterior of the house such as patios and gardens. However, with the development of home decorating styles, ornamental plants are now also an element that is often used to beautify home interiors....

  • Artificial Mini Aloe vera
  • Artificial Potted Aloe Vera for Indoor Plant
  • Large Philodendron in Decorative Pot
  • Artificial Potted Large Philodendron for Living Room

7 Tips for Arranging Urban Jungle Interior Design for Homes

Friday, October 9th, 2020 - Interior Design, Tips and Tricks
Artificial Hanging Plants for Urban Jungle Interior Design

Minimalist or Scandinavian style interior design is certainly familiar to most people. Understandably, this design style is indeed attractive and easy to apply to any home design. However, there are many other interior design that are no less interesting to apply in your home, one...

  • Urban Jungle Design with Amazing Aquascape
  • Aquascape for Urban Jungle Design
  • Aquascape for Urban Jungle Interior
  • Animal Fur Cowhide Area Rug for Urban Jungle Interior