6 Inspirations of Wooden Wall Background for Photo Spots at Home

Tuesday, June 29th, 2021 - Interior and Exterior Paint, Wall Art
Herringbone Pattern Wooden wall Accent

Do you want to have a photo spot at home that is suitable for your Instagram gallery? One easy way is to apply a wooden background to the wall. The background wall will effectively build a certain impression in the room. The wood material can...

Interior Design Ideas with Cool White Background

Modern White Gradation Wooden Parquet Background for Living Room design Ideas

Getting bored with the look of your home interior? Well, that means it’s time to renovate your house. To be more flexible to be combined with various furniture and decoration models, you can try to change the interior using a cool white background that at...

7 Room Design Ideas with Shades of Turquoise Color

Friday, May 14th, 2021 - Interior and Exterior Paint
Turquoise sofa with a tinge of white for living room design

a greenish-blue is the original color of turquoise stone originating from Turkey. Turquoise is a blue color mixed with green. Its nature is so soothing that the color of turquoise is often used as a uniform color for nurses or hospital interiors. However, it’s not...